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Yes We Export Cars To Your Country And Many Others

Since we began in 2008 we have exported many thousands of cars globally to many countries including, The USA, Germany, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia, Poland, Iceland, Malaysia, The UAE, Malta, Cyprus, Canada, Caribbean, Mozambique, Ireland, Russia, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, France, Finland, Norway, Hong Kong and many more.

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We supply full Access to all Makes and Models from Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ford, Toyota, Maserati to Hino, and more. Free Auction Access for all members. Click Start Now And See Over 130,000 Cars


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We Have Been Exporting Cars Since 2008

Yes, we have been exporting cars from Japan for a very long time. In doing so we have streamlined our Auction Agent Service to accommodate everyone. We at Auto Trader can help you in all aspects of Importing your new car from Japan from door to door shipping and much more, plus save you valuable money along the way. Look below at these great cost-effective savings. We specialize in exporting only the best quality used cars from Japan.

Free Translations
For Everyone

There is no need to pay to have translations to your car exporter when we offer this service for Free. Save valuable $ and join our Auto Trader Auto Auction Service today

We Offer Cost Effective Auction Agent Fees For Volume Buying

Your agent fees are often the determining factor which allows you to actually win a car at auction. Its often a hairline win that makes the difference for buying JDM and Classic Cars. Check fees here.

Look We Dont Charge For Bidding Like Other Auction Agents Do

Are you paying your agent to bid? This is eliminated when you use Auto Trader Imports Japan. You can bid on unlimited cars with your membership with us. Join our auction service today

Zero Added Tax On Your Car Purchases. You Dont Pay Tax

Our service provides you with a zero tax benefit. Thats correct, at Auto Trader Imports you do not have to pay Tax Ex Japan. This is covered within our Agent Fee. Another great reason to join us.

100% Free Access To All Auctions Via Our Online Members Service

We have spent some considerable time developing a user-friendly winning formula Automobile Buying Platform. Our staff works effortlessly on all bids for our member’s cars.


Our Shipping Logistics Ensures Fast And Economical International Shipment

With our longevity in the Auto Export business we have collected a trusted group of shipping agents that we have partnered with. With our partners help we can provide the best cost effective shipping every-time.

Change the way you BUY CARS FROM JAPAN
Weekly Over 130,000 Cars & Trucks! At Auto Auctions Over Japan Nationwide!

Here is your access to over 130,000 vehicles on offer from auctions every week. Our member’s access is Free plus all translations, Inspections and Auction Bidding is included in this Free Service. You pay zero until you buy at Auto Trader Imports.

See Classic cars and New Upcoming Classics & JDM Grey market cars plus Japan Domestic Models and more from the Japan Auto Trader.

Quality Cars, Secure and Fast Shipping Every-time with RoRo or Container

Our priority from the onset is to get your new car from Japan to you as quickly as possible. From day 1 your car is on the move.

We Also Provide Access To Yahoo Auctions, Dealer Stock

As an added bonus our system alloys you to view Yahoo Auctions and Japanese Dealer Stock. Over 350,000 Used Cars in Japan.

All Top Car Brands Here

Japanese Car Auctions have all the top Automotive Brands available from all manufacturers.

We Also Have Dealer Stock

Dealer Cars offers more variation and the cars are static. We negotiate on your behalf. Lets go!

I was very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports Japan from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also iThis platform is enlightening, to say the least. Aside from collecting watches or antiques little else in life stirs a man’s passion like a great car does.

Sven Jakobs
Hanko, Finland
3 years

I am very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also interested in classic cars from Japan. I see many great examples of German-made cars here.

Matthias Muller
Leipzig Germany
10 years

I am very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also it takes quite a bit to make me smile these days, but when I discovered Auto Trader Imports I smiled. With all these other car websites all advertising everywhere it was great to get a personal touch from the company owner. I look forward to buying more cars from Japan. Thanks, Graeme

Sean Grohl
California, USA
7 years
Japan Car Auctions at Auto Trader Imports Japan Car Exports
We Provide Access To Classic Cars, Yountimers And New JDM Imports – Join Us And Find Amazing Cars From Japan

Whatever type of motoring you are into we can find the car to suit your needs. From Classic Cars to JDM Imports and more we have access to it all via our website. Here at Auto Trader Imports, we are one of the original exporters of used cars from Japan to many countries around the world.

Our experience and history goes back over 32 years in the Automotive business. If you are interested in obtaining quality cars from Japan please contact us first.

We will always strive to provide our members with positive and interactive website experience.

Graeme & Tomoko Welcome You, Join Us Today


Explore some Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you charge for translations?

There is no fee for translating auction sheets. We offer free translations for all members of our car auction service who have joined our bidding service.

Do you inspect the cars at the auction?

Yes, all cars are inspected at the auction. Obviously with time constraints inspections are done in about 10 to 15 minutes each.

Do you guys speak English?

Yes, our first language is English and Graeme is from New Zealand. We have Japanese staff who translate the auction sheets to English and Graeme oversees the accuracy of each translation.

Can anyone buy a car from you or do I have to be a dealer?

In today’s car export business it’s not a wise choice to discriminate between private buyers and dealers so we serve both equally. Dealers often will buy in bulk so we do offer bulk incentives to accommodate this.

Can I bid myself or do you bid for me?

When you place your bid in the auction system this is sent directly to our office. From this point, we take care of the auction bidding for you. These car auctions are very fast and only trained professionals can bid accurately. We will make sure to buy your car at the very best price accordingly.

Do I have to pay for each time you bid?

No, you don’t have to pay for us bidding on your behalf. Once you have a deposit with us for bidding we accept that as your real commitment that you are not wasting anyone’s time and we are more than happy to bid for you.