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Explore Cars From Japan and Quality Used Vehicles at Auto Trader Japan Car Imports. Everyone is looking for the best Used Car from Japan. This website is the vehicle to find you the best car from Japan!  We offer access to over 130,000 Used Cars in Japan Nationwide. 

At the same time look at Japanese Car Auctions and Yahoo Car pages not to mention Dealer Stock. We will assist you every step of the way whilst you search for your new imported Car, Truck, Van, Kei Car etc from Japan. 

Look below and you will see two links. 1. Activity Page. Click here and see what we are doing here in Japan on an everyday basis and also share pictures and ideas from other members. 2. Auction Page. Click here and skip all the activity going straight in to browse over 130,000 Cars on display in Japan every week.

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Weekly Over 130,000 Cars & Trucks! At Auto Auctions Japan Wide! 

Here is your access to over 130,000 vehicles on offer from auctions every week. Our members access is Free plus all translations, Inspections and Auction Bidding is included in this Free Service. You pay zero until you buy. See Classic cars and New Upcoming Classics & JDM Grey market cars plus Japan Domestic Models and more.

We Also Provide Exclusive Access To Yahoo Auctions, Dealer Stock and One Price Cars

So many Japanese based car exporters are ramming “Cars From Japan” down your throat. Thats not our goal. Our Car Website is an interactive platform where our users and members can search for cars at their leisure on any one of our automotive resourse sections from Yahoo Cars, One Price and Japan Dealer Stock. Our sales people will never chase you. We let you come to us when you need help or have found that special car!

Using Our Service Is Simple! We Share Our Automotive Experience With You Directly

From Japan to Germany and around the world there are millions of admirers of the Automobile. Our task is to bring as many of you together in the one place. Auto Trader Imports doesnt intend to be the new Top Gear or anything close to that. Our aim is to keep things simple and informative for our members.

Even if you pop in for a look around at a forum or the activity wall we are sure you will like what you see. This website is for people who not only collect and love cars but for those who enjoy the pasion of driving and want to talk about their Classic Motoring experiences with others.

While your here we are sure that you want to see the auctions here in Japan so head of here and see over 50,000 cars on sale every week here in Japan CLICK HERE

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We Provide Access To Classic Cars, Yountimers And New JDM Imports – Join Us And Find Amazing Cars From Japan

What ever type of motoring you are into we can find the car to suit your needs. From Classic Cars to JDM and more we have access to it all via our website. Here at Auto Trader Imports we are one of the original exporters of used cars from Japan to many countries around the world.

Our experience and history goes back over 32 years in the Automotive business. If you are interested in obtaining quality cars from Japan please contact us first.

We will always strive to provide our members with a positive and interactive website experience.

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Customer Voice

With the great support of our members, Drive Hub is steadily growing into a great Community for Car enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Matthias Muller

Amazing Automotive Focus To Detail

I am very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also interested in classic cars from Japan. I see many great examples of German-made cars here.

Matthias Muller
Leipzig Germany
Sean Grohl

I Have Been Looking For This Website

It takes quite a bit to make me smile these days, but when I discovered Auto Trader Imports I smiled. With all these other car websites all advertising everywhere it was great to get a personal touch from the company owner. I look forward to buying more cars from Japan. Thanks, Graeme

Sean Grohl
California, USA
Sven Jakobs

A Must For The Auto Boy In Us All

This platform is enlightening, to say the least. Aside from collecting watches or antiques little else in life stirs a man's passion like a great car does.
Here I see much that I want, like and feel like contributing to easily and I get to see Car Auctions also. I am happy to offer my support here. Well Done!

Sven Jakobs
Hanko, Finland

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We have spent some considerable time developing a user friendly wiining formula Automobile Buying Platform. Our staff works effortlessly on all bids for our members cars. We are striving to win cars for you and have the experience to do so. To buy cars through us use these simple steps below for your new car.

  • Contact Us And let's Talk About Your Requirements
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  • Search For Your Favorite Car At Auction
  • We, Will, Translate The Auction Sheet With Additional Photos And More
  • Between Us, We Work Out An Affordable Budget For Your Car
  • We Bid And Process The Car For Export To Your Door
  • You Happily Anticipate Your New Cars Pending Arrival