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What ever type of motoring you are into we can find the car to suit your needs. From Classic Cars to JDM and more we have access to it all via our website. Here at Auto Trader Imports we are one of the original exporters of used cars from Japan to many countries around the world. Our experience and history goes back over 25 years in the Automotive business. If you are interested in obtaining quality cars from Japan please contact us first. 


We are one of Japans leading Exporter of Young Timer and Old Timer Cars. We have been buying these cars from Japan Car Auctions for many years. With have access to all brands of Classic cars including Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lancia and many more. Check out our Young Timer Page here for information…


Looking for your next JDM grey market car! With our 23 years plus experience, we will help you find this classic Japanese car. Now is the time and its never been a better time to secure your JDM car. Prices will only go up for some of these great Supra’s, GTR’s and more. Tuned or factory standard can be supplied…


The Japanese motoring public are snobs and driving a left-hand drive car is all part of that snobbery. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it!  However, the reality is that we have hundreds and thousands of German cars, American, British and Italian cars being driven around the streets of Japan with the steering wheel on the left-hand side…


The Japanese love American cars and man oh man there are plenty here in Japan. The Auctions have everything from H1 Hummers to Cadillac’s and Muscle cars. The quality is good and there is never a shortage. Click above to see American cars. We are sure that you will find a great car here.


Mini trucks and vans are known simply as Kei cars in Japan are an awesome piece of machinery. They have capabilities un-matched by their larger rivals and can go places no large truck, van or car has been before. Reliability is fantastic and the fuel economy will have your local garage disliking you. The configurations are endless. Check here…

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Our Japanese Auction Access is 100% FREE to register and use. We also do not charge our members from translations or bidding. Using our public Online Auction System is easy and you are ready to go in under 2 minutes. Click above for your free entry. No hidden fees or extra charges and 150,000 cars are available…

We Have History

  • Over 23 years Exporting
  • 40 + Countries delivered to
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Approved
  • Excellent Customer Testimonials
  • 15,000 + Cars Delivered
  • No job to big & no client to small
  • We speak English also
  • Car search and locate service

Driven By Change

  • We are always looking to improve
  • We welcome all here
  • Full auction access to our members
  • No joining fee or translation fee
  • No bidding fee imposed
  • We handle every aspect of bidding for you
  • 100% trust assured

Speedy Logistics

  • Shipping and paperwork handled by us
  • Inland transport included, FREE
  • All vehicles insured for shipping
  • No hidden fees! One simple fee for all
  • We can also procure parts
  • Ro/Ro shipping is guaranteed
  • Extra photos available upon request

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Ticket Desk and advanced FAQ
  • Live help desk support
  • 100% deposit back guarantee
  • Yes we use PayPal
  • Full on-site auction inspections
  • Whatsapp, Skype & Messenger
  • English language is spoken

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