1995 Lancia Delta EvoII Final Edition

Japan Seems To Have An Unlimited Supply

I have been exporting Lancia Delta Integrales for about 14 years and the demand has not slowed down.

Yes, the exporting of these Deltas has not slowed even as prices rise here in Japan. This Final Edition is proof of that. Oddly enough I have lost count of the Lancia Delta Evolutions 1 & 2 I have exported to Germany, Poland, France, Canada, and the USA not to forget the UK. I even had a Car Buyer from the UAE who ordered 8 for his family. Contact me for yours as we see great examples every week at auction.

1995 Lancia Delta EvoII Final Edition

You can call them what you want! Some will say its a Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution II and others say it is a 1995 Lancia Delta EvoII Final Edition. I don’t care about which suits who best. What I can do though is tell you this. I have personally bought more of these than most car exporters in Japan. What I have seen is the price climb and the demand never falter. I paid 3.2 Million JPY for one of these in 2010 and paid 9 million for this one.

I think prices have peaked for the Lancia Delta EvoII Final Edition and the Delta in general.