1995 Mercedes Benz E500 Limited Edition

Was This One Of The Best Mercedes Benz Cars?

A few select owners from around the world are proud owners of this Classic Car

It's almost the holy grail of cars from Mercedes Benz. The E500 Limited Edition blew our minds in the early '90s and is still blowing our minds today. This Porsche designed Mercedes Benz has become a steady export in the last 10 years from Japan back to Europe. I wonder how long the trend can continue with only so few of these cars ever made.

Looking for a nice 1995 Mercedes Benz E500 Limited Edition

Once I thought that Japan may actually run out of these fabulous E500 Limiteds and that they would all slowly but surely find there way back to Germany. I actually exported one of these to New Zealand some years back also oddly enough. The Porsche designed Mercedes Benz E500 Limited Edition was a car that sadly enough was never going to be repeated. If you are one of the 500 or so owners please enjoy your car.