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Check Out Some Great Examples Of Auctioned Cars Here

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Let Us Help You Find Your Classic Cars
Here are some cars we bought just recently for our customers. All cars were personally inspected upon request. Most of these cars came from Japanese car auctions including USS Tokyo, USS Nagoya, IAA, JU Group, and USS Auto Auctions.
1994 Lancia Delta Integrale Evolutione II
Great Buying

This particular Delta had only travelled 98,000Klm and was an auction grade 4. B

We see about 4 to 5 Deltas at auction weekly and prices are stable currently.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Are Readily Available
911, 930, 964, 993, 996 And More

If you are wanting a 911 of any description we can help you out. Japan has an abundance of 911 in mostly left-hand drive and a few right.

We can find you a clean example.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

1995 Mercedes Benz E60 AMG Becoming Rare
Also E500, 500E + E500 Limited Edition

These Porsche line Mercedes Benz are hot and we have bought many over the years for our clients. When it comes to finding you a Mercedes of this generation we know where to look and what to look for.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

See Japan Car Auction Timetable & Dates
A Few More Recent Modern Classics We Purchased
Explore classic cars with us. We will guide you along and support your quest for whatever classic car you need.
Late Model Mercedes Benz AMG Cars Are Plentiful.
Becoming Increasingly Popular

All models of Mercedes Benz AMG cars have always been popular. But now with a far wider model range and great prices, it’s even easier to buy an AMG.

80% will be left-hand drive as well.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

We See All Mercedes Benz G Models
G320, G55, G500, G63 G300 And More

Mercedes Benz G class models are hot and we can easily get any model you desire including Brabus editions like this. Japanese love the G class and they will often be 1 owner cars.

Get in touch for your new G class.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

BMW M3 Are The Current Desired Coupe
E30, E36, E46, E90 And More

We see multiple BMW M3 cars at auctions here in Japan on a daily basis from the E30 to the latest models including CSL’s and other limited edition models.

Clean examples with service history.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

Maybe JDM Is Your Desire
As we know the best JDM cars will come from Japan and many will be highly modified already. The savings will be huge for you.
Nissan GTR And Skyline GTR’s On-Demand Daily.
Whatever Model You Want

On a daily basis, we see GTR’s of all descriptions at auctions. From the R32, R33 & R34 to a Black Edition R35 pictured above we can buy them all.

Get in touch for your GTR.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

Not Your Standard JDM But A JDM All The Same
Not Everyone Wants A Turbo

Maybe you’re after a larger engine capacity JDM with a bit of luxury to ride along in. This Lexus is a great example of such cars that we have available at auction here in Japan.

Modified cars are inexpensive here.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

4 Cylinder Turbo & Non-Turbo JDM Of All Makes & Models
Lancer, WRX, Skyline, Silvia, And More

No matter what make or model of 4 cylinder turbocharged or non-turbo car you desire we can supply. We are buying these great JDM cars on a weekly basis.

Let us help you find an affordable JDM.

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

Some Other Examples And Ideas when you buy cars in Japan.
We have shown you a small selection of cars available here at Auto Trader Japan imports. Get in touch to see more or click on a car to see the auction.
Diesel Powered SUV Are Going Crazy
All Diesel 4×4 Have Increased In Popularity

Japanese diesel 4×4 SUV vans, coaches, people movers and utility vehicles are in huge demand for their reliability and great styling. Whatever your model we can get it for you.

Get in touch with us for your SUV

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

Camper Vans, Mobile Homes Or Caravans
Japans Selection Of Camping Cars Is Vast

We are contacted more and more frequently about camping vehicles since the Covid pandemic. People want to stay safe and simply go camping. Totally understandable.

Camping cars are at auctions every week.

Whatsapp +81-905400-6384

Japanese Kei Cars And Trucks Of All Descriptions
The 660cc Kei Car Are Abundant At Auctions

We have been exporting Kei cars, trucks and vans globally for many years and buyers love these tough little workhorses. Dump trucks, campers, mobile catering or general-purpose.

Some Kei cars will sell for less than $1,000

Whatsapp +81-90-5400-6384

See More Cars Here, Exotic, Luxury, JDM, Classic, Japanese Domestic, American Muscle And Many More Cars


Yes, we have been exporting cars from Japan for a very long time. In doing so we have streamlined our Auction Agent Service to accommodate everyone. We at Auto Trader Imports Japan can help you in all aspects of Importing your new car from Japan from door-to-door shipping and much more, plus save you valuable money along the way. Look below at these great cost-effective savings. We specialize in exporting only the best quality used cars from Japan. See us for No.1 japan Cars for sale

I was very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports Japan from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also This platform is enlightening, to say the least. Aside from collecting watches or antiques little else in life stirs a man’s passion like a great car does. It’s great to find quality Japanese import cars for sale

Sven Jakobs
Hanko, Finland
3 years

My company is very new to Importing Cars from Japan but we decided to look into Auto Trader Imports from the recommendation of a good friend. We have found other people just like us here who are also interested in classic cars from Japan. We see many great examples of German-made cars here. They also gave me free auction access.

Matthias Muller
Leipzig Germany
10 years

I am very new to Importing Cars from Japan but I decided to look into Auto Trader Imports from the recommendation of a good friend. I have found other people just like me here who are also it takes quite a bit to make me smile these days, but when I discovered Auto Trader Imports I smiled. With all these other car websites all advertising everywhere it was great to get a personal touch from the company owner. I look forward to buying more cars from Japan. Thanks, Mark

Sean Grohl
California, USA
7 years
We Provide Access To Classic Cars, Yountimers, And New JDM Imports – Join Us And Find Amazing Cars From Japan

Whatever type of motoring you are into we can find the car to suit your needs. From Classic Cars to JDM Imports and more we have access to it all via our website. Here at Auto Trader Imports, we are one of the original exporters of used cars from Japan to many countries around the world.

Our experience and history go back over 33 years in the Automotive business. If you are interested in obtaining quality cars from Japan please contact us first.

We will always strive to provide our members with a positive and interactive website experience when they decide to buy with Auto Trader Imports.

Graeme & Tomoko Welcome You, Join Us Today and find the best Japanese car auctions and used cars in Japan.


Explore some Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you charge for translations?

There is no fee for translating auction sheets. We offer free translations for all members of our car auction service who have joined our bidding service.

Do you inspect the cars at the auction?

Yes, all cars are inspected at the auction. Obviously with time constraints inspections are done in about 10 to 15 minutes each.

Do you guys speak English?

Yes, our first language is English and Mark is from New Zealand. We have Japanese staff who translate the auction sheets to English and Mark oversees the accuracy of each translation.

Can anyone buy a car from you or do I have to be a dealer?

In today’s car export business it’s not a wise choice to discriminate between private buyers and dealers so we serve both equally. Dealers often will buy in bulk so we do offer bulk incentives to accommodate this.

Can I bid myself or do you bid for me?

When you place your bid in the auction system this is sent directly to our office. From this point, we take care of the auction bidding for you. These car auctions are very fast and only trained professionals can bid accurately. We will make sure to buy your car at the very best price accordingly.

Do I have to pay for each time you bid?

No, you don’t have to pay for us bidding on your behalf. Once you have a deposit with us for bidding we accept that as your real commitment that you are not wasting anyone’s time and we are more than happy to bid for you.

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