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Some Good Reasons To Read About Us

Here are some pretty darn convincingly good reasons why you should select us at ATI as your first choice. See below and decide for yourself why many people are picking us first.
Buying and selling cars is a great passion and occupation that I have enjoyed for some 23 plus years. I want to share my knowledge and experience with my customers and friends. Learn about our company and my family here.
Classic Nissan Skyline GTR from Japan
All great Car Makes and Models are available from Japan
For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
How and why Auto Trader Imports
came to be, then became a popular
Car Export Company from Japan.

Hello, my name is Graeme Cooke and I am the owner of Autotraderimports.com. Our parent company ATI LTD is a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Registered Used Car Dealers!

About Us And Our Mission

I have been involved in cars since a very early age when my father had me help him fix his Mini in the garage by holding up the gearbox when I was ten years old. It was a great time and I always respected my father for teaching me the love of cars.

New Zealand and Motorbikes

It started by selling motorcycles at Red Baron Honda in 1988 but I  soon quickly tired of bikes with the dream of moving to cars. My focus was a position within an Auckland New Zealand Ford franchise which I quickly secured. I worked with Ford New Zealand for about 4 years and soon got a taste for imported cars as they were arriving in NZ.

My inspiration changed for a few years as I began driving tour coaches around New Zealand which was a fabulous experience. Within a short time, I was one of the top drivers in the country.

As time drew on my vision dragged me towards the car business once more and the buses were left behind. Within a short time, I was back into cars selling for Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Mercedes, quickly moving through the ranks into senior management.

Going To Japan and Car Exporting

My dream and ambition one day put me on a plane to Japan back in 1999 and I have never looked back.

Graeme lives in Chiba with his wife and two teenage boys. While the boys don’t enjoy my enthusiasm for cars they love to see what new auto will turn up next in the driveway.

Auto Trader Imports has a staff of 5 including its Japanese office and is located in Chiba!

To know more about us keep reading.

In Brief

Auto Trader Imports offers honest service based on first-hand experience by making the buying process easy for our customers. We don’t have contracts nor do we ask for payments to join our free Japanese Auto Auction system.

We love Classic Cars and all JDM

We are exporting Used Cars to Germany, The USA, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Austria, Poland, France, Italy, Canada, The Caribbean, Tanzania, Botswana,  Zambia, South Africa, Samoa, Congo, Malaysia, and many more.

I have been involved with Exporting Used Cars from Japan since 1999 and have been selling cars since 1988. My company Auto Trader Imports has the knowledge and base to do the correct thing for you.

Our Motto

Our business motto is transparency. We keep you informed about everything and hide nothing from you our valued client and friend.

This mission is to provide you with the car that you have chosen and deliver honest and concise expertise in procuring and delivering this car to you as described by the auction.

If you have any questions email me directly and we will be very happy to put your mind at ease if you intend on buying a Japanese Import or use the Japanese Used Car Auction system. Classic Cars and JDM are our specialties.

Feel free to contact me anytime using the information below.

Open 0600 – 2100.hrs Japan Time

Its been an exceptionally great partnership with Graeme. Yes, there are many exporters out there but few have his vast experience and the ability to actually describe a car in accurate detail from anywhere in Japan. Graeme can decide if the car is good or bad by simply looking at a photo. I trust him explicitly.

A very successful relationship.

Hermann Roth
Dresden Germany