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  • How much do you this 🤔??

    Nissan Pulsar GTI-R turbo,1993 year, gray, done 141,000km, aero(FSR) , aftermarket alloy, recaro seat, aftermarket bonnet, hks blow off bulb + air cleaner,low down, seat worn, bottom rust, rear spoiler paint off, aftermarket alloy + door mirror scratches, audio missing hole, handle seat worn

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  • How much do you this 🤔?? 10080 1994 year Nissan pulser gtir,94.000km, white, sr20 det, 4 wd, inter cooler turbo, aftermarket muffler and others are original, TB timer, cratch overhauled, abs lamp flahsing, funny noise, ceiling sagging, alloy scratches, rear spoiler scratches, dashboard crack

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