Are Japanese Cars Rusty

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Are Japanese Cars, Rusty

To answer this question we must first establish if you are wanting a new or used Japanese car to import. Age is a huge determining factor when it comes to rust. Not only this but also where the car came from in Japan.

It doesn’t have to be a Japanese manufactured car to be rusty

All cars can rust or oxidize. Yes, even a Porsche can rust if not cared for correctly. On the whole, most modern Japanese cars manufactured since about 2010 or so are mostly rust-free. However, like anything there are exceptions and all models must be carefully considered from a Toyota to a Nissan or Mitsubishi. We have seen cars here that were manufactured in the USA and Germany that have just as much rust as their Japanese rivals.

Check The Car Model

Do your research and either ask us first or Google your target car for possible rust issues prior to diving in headfirst. It’s easy to ask.

Are Japanese Cars Rusty?


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