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Car Auction Trips & Visits

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Car Auction Trips & Visits,

One of the most exciting things about visiting Japan these days is arranging a trip to the local Car Auctions here. From memory, I actually believe that there is a service on Airbnb offering such a tour. Japanese Car Auctions are busy places with cars coming and going and activity everywhere. There are also auctions all over Japan nationwide on different days of the week.

Attending the Vehicle Auctions here is a real eye-opener due to the massive quantity of vehicles going under the hammer in any single day, and it’s all done electronically.

Auction Membership

To attend an auction you must firstly be a member of the auction you wish to visit. We are members of all auctions within Japan. We can also take visitors in with us. You will be issued with a pass for the day that will give you access to everything we have. It will be a great day for sure. Don’t forget USS Tokyo is on Every Thursday! We will happily take you on a guided auction tour.

Deposit Required

To participate in an Auction Visits you are required to have a deposit in our system. Obviously, if you are here to see the auctions you are wanting to participate in the day. The required deposit is 100,000 JPY that will be deducted from the car or cars you buy on the day. The deposit is required as we must pay for your car in full within 24 hours. You can organize your deposit using this page here.

Contact Us To Arrange Your Visit.

If you have made the decision to come to Japan for your car buying trip please use this link here to arrange the final details for your visit. We like to be prepared and know numbers or people, budgets and locations, etc. Please visit this page.

Tourist Visits

We do not offer free auction visits. If you want to see an auction for a look around, please contact the dude on Airbnb who does it.


Japanese Car Auction - Inside
Japanese Car Auction – Inside



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