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Highest Bidder Wins

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Highest Bidder Wins

So you think that your bid was the highest at auction? Yes, the auctions will sell to the highest bidder on the day and that’s how any car auction works correctly.

This is exactly how Japanese Car Auctions or (Auto Auctions) work and are no different. The highest bidder on the actual day of the vehicle auction will win the car.

My Bid Was Above The Auction Price But You Said My Bid Was Not Enough!

Yes now is the time when some people get a little confused and do not accept the realization that we like many other Japanese Car Exporters often have more that one client bidding on the same car. All Auto Exporters have a similar policy to the auction that the person with the highest bid wins. It’s quite simple If you have 500,000 JPY and John has 505,000 JPY for the same car, John wins even if the car sold at auction for only 455,000 JPY. His bid was our highest.

No Favorites When Bidding

You may have bought 200 cars from us or 2 however we have this policy. We do not show favoritism when bidding. Its a fair playing field for all.

Good luck with the auction.

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