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How Do I Bid On Cars

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How Do I Bid On Cars

Its a good question and one that people ask frequently. How Do I Bid On Cars at auction in Japan? Is it easy and do I need to do anything special to bid on a car?

Firstly you need to understand just how the cars are sold in Japan which you can read here on this page. Read here to give you a simple outlook on how the used car business works here.

Sign Up To An Online Auction Website

Your first step is to find a reputable and reliable online auction service here in Japan where you can start your search for cars, trucks, vans, or whatever. Here are two such services that offer online vehicle searching in Japan. Option.1 Option.2

Both have similar characteristics but one offers a few more vehicle options than the other. These websites are part of our service so please contact us via live support for assistance.

Get to know the websites and have a few dummy bids to get used to the process as its really simple. You can also vary your requests by day of the week, color, transmission, model code, and much more.

How Do I Bid On Cars

Don’t worry about the dummy bids as you cant buy a car without first paying a deposit. To pay a bidding deposit you can do so by either using PayPal or direct bank transfer here. Once the deposit is in place real bidding will start. In the meantime, your bids will simply be put to one side while you familiarise yourself with the bidding system.

My Deposit Is Paid

So now that your deposit is paid we can finally start the bidding process. If you are wondering why you need to pay a deposit the reason is simple. If our company buys a car for you we must pay the auction for the car completely plus tax. In reality, our exposure is far greater than yours initially. Before any Japanese Auction Agent will bid on any car they will request a deposit. It pretty fair considering we are buying you a car.

Once the deposit has arrived the bidding process can begin and you can start to submit your tenders for the auction. Please note that each car goes to auction on the specified auction day and at a specific time. It takes about 20 seconds max from start to finish to buy a car at auction here in Japan. It’s all done electronically either via remote work stations or at the auction house directly.

Are You Actually Bidding?

As you are normally in another country you cant actually bid yourself. Yes, your bid is submitted but it comes directly to our office where our trained staff actually bid on your behalf using specialized equipment supplied by the auction for bidding. Without this, it’s not possible to bid. If you have one of these items at home you can bid yourself.

Specialised equipment for buying cars

We Bid For You

We actually do all the car buying using something similar to displayed above. At the auction, it’s slightly different but does the same job.

It’s vital that bidding is done precisely as mistakes can be expensive for both us as the auction agent and you as the car importer. You could imagine if everyone was able to buy cars directly it would be chaos and this is why it’s controlled. If we buy a car its not possible to simply give it back because our client was having fun.

By allowing us to bid on your behalf is also cost-saving for you as we can sense what other activity is going on and also tell how many other bidders are active. We also know when to STOP BIDDING. This will save you thousands in the long run as its very easy to pay too much if you don’t have the skill for bidding. So to answer the question of How Do I Bid On Cars the answer is that you need to use our service to help you do this.

Some More FAQ

Is bidding free?

Yes bidding is free using our service

Can I call you while your actually buying my car?

This is not possible as it all takes place in 20 seconds or less

Is it hard to bid?

No not really but it requires a little practice

Can you send me a video of the auction action?

Yes once you have a deposit in place we can send a video of an auction in action

How much do I pay?

You only pay what the car sells for at auction.

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