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Japan Auction House

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What Is Japanese Auction House?

People have often heard the term Japanese Auction house and wonder what exactly it is. Here we explain.

What Is A Japanese Auction House?

For many years travelling to auctions in Japan people would say “Which Auction House are we going to tomorrow” The term was fixed in my head and I couldnt drop it.

The simple answer is the an auction Housed Cars for display. Things have changed considerably in Japan and the actual auction house or auction hall now houses massive TV screens and bidding computers for the members attending the auction.

Japanese Car Auction Hall
Japan Auction House

What Goes On Inside A Car Auction House?

During the week the car auction will be accepting new cars for the actual auction day. Each car is processed for details and accuracy of paperwork and then it is inspected by a trained auction inspector.

Because of the sheer volume of cars and the fact that its an auction these inspections are not quite as thorough as say an AA inspection. They will tell you what they see that is a major defect that’s noticeable by eye. They are not doing an inspection for roadworthiness. The cars are inspected over an 8 minute period or so and then the report is placed in the car for buyers to check. (the buyer should still personally inspect the car as the auction will not take any blame for missed defects unless it’s substantial)

The cars are all number and sorted by groups for the auction day. For example, at USS Tokyo imported cars start with 75 or 72 for example and general Classic Cars or Unique Vehicles will start with a 60 or 65.

The cars are lines up in their allotted groups by the assigned numbers and this way the buyers can easily find the particular car by it allotted number and group. USS Tokyo for example is so large you can catch a free van from one section to another to save time.

On the day of the auction the members will turn up by the hundreds while others will view online if the auction is not in the area. At the auction hall, there is comfortable seating and most will provide meals during the day. There is 1 auction that actually has in house masseuse and a prayer room. It’s a huge machine when in action.

Each auction will have a particular day of the week that cars will fall under the hammer. Once the auction is over for the day the cars must be moved out sold or not sold to make way for the following week. If we do not move the cars out on time the buyer or seller will be fined by the auction.

After the cars are moved it all begins again for the next week.

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