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Local Sales In Japan

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Local Sales In Japan

Yes, we do offer local sales in Japan and have done so for many years. Using our service provides you great savings over using traditional car dealers here as we have far fewer overheads. We can return these savings in overheads to you. Our overheads are smaller as we don’t have to rent a car yard and nor do we carry stock as we buy to order. The process is simple and only requires a few steps to get you on your way for a domestic car purchase here in Japan.

Pay A Deposit

To get started you will need to pay a deposit which can be done here. The required amount is 100,000 JPY which will be deducted from the final price of the car. Our service fee for local sales is 60,000 JPY which covers all aspects of buying the car on your behalf. You will be required to pay all applicable government taxes and fees associated with getting the car to your doorstep.

Where Can I Search For My Car

We don’t actually find the car for you as the variables are too great with Car makes, models, colors and configurations. We have a website that actually displays every car going not only through the car auction system here in Japan but also Yahoo Auctions and Dealer 1 Price Stock. Here you can search from over 130,000 cars weekly and we can help buy anyone that you decide upon. Please visit. Carauctionsjapan.com

How Long Do Domestic Car Sales Take?

Everything in Japan is a process and buying a car is no different as many boxes must be checked along the way. Firstly we need to wait for the documents to arrive from the auction or dealer which can take up to one week. While this is happening you can make initial starts into getting your parking certificate organized. (cant be fully completed without documents)

Once we have the documents we will start our job and then send the required documentation to you for parking completion. Parking completion can take up to 10 days to complete. Once this is done we can meet up at the local Shaken office at a pre-arranged time where the car registration will be changed legally into your name. You drive away and enjoy the car.

Can You Sell My Car Or Trade-In

Yes, we accept trade-ins for domestic car sales only. We do not stock cars so it will go back into the auction system. You will receive back all proceeds from the sale at auction less any applicable fees required to auction your traded vehicle. We do not take a fee for this service as part of the domestic sale service.

In Conclusion

It’s a very simple process once you know what to do. We will help and guide you along the way not forgetting to save you some money along the way. We, Expats, have to look after one another.


Japan domestic car sales for expats
Japan domestic car sales for expats



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