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How much is shipping for my car and Shipping Prices?

Shipping prices for cars exported from Japan have a few variables. These variables are based on the following.

  • Destination Country
  • The volume of vehicles shipped to this country
  • Size of car/vehicle being shipped
  • Price of oil at the point of time
  • Shipping company
  • Local Japanese Agent, you are dealing with
  • Container or Ro/Ro

There are probably a few more we could add but for now, that will do. Basically speaking your vehicle’s total size M3 square is measured and the appropriate fee governed by the items above will determine your total shipping fee.

For example at the point of writing this document a Porsche 911 shipped to Germany would cost approximately 105,000 JPY from Japan to Bremerhaven. The same car would be about 95,000 JPY to the UK or 67,000 JPY to Kenya.


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