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Should I Use A Local Agent?

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Should I Use A Local Agent?

This question about Should I Use A Local Agent? is one that often pops in conversations with clients. In reality, much of this question can be answered by you which will be explained.

You need to consider this. Import Agencies do a lot of the work for you and eliminate some potential stress. Often they have contacts in the industry that you would never find. They do much more than I am writing here but I am not going into detail. In a nutshell, if you don’t want to import the car yourself, shell out $500 to $1,000 to some guy who will do it for you.

When importing a car personally answer these questions first.

  • Do you have a little spare time
  • You more than likely have access to the internet yes!
  • Have you heard about Google
  • Do some research there
  • Search your local import regulations (it will be online unless you live on Mars)
  • Take a few notes
  • Search for a customs clearance agent unless you have studied how to clear through customs
  • Check what you have to pay taxes on. Remember you don’t have to pay taxes in Japan
  • Find an agent in Japan here
  • Make sure your agent has a set fee structure which is easy to understand
  • Talk to your agent and get an idea of the process. Find one that speaks your language or at least English
  • Make sure they have a website like this one with lots of information
  • Pick their (my) brains and get some valuable feedback.
  • Get access to the Auction System. Here is yours.
  • Start looking at cars that you like with your agent’s support
  • Buy your car
  • Pay your agent
  • The agent will take some photos prior to shipping
  • Prepare for the arrival of your car with an email or phone call from the shipping company
  • Collect your car from the port


This article is not intended to take away the importance of using an agent. Its simply intended to show you the potential savings by doing your own import. If you want to use an agent to import your car we are happy to recommend some in your country.

For any local import agents wanting to be on our preferred list please contact us via email.


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