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The Best Kei Car To Import

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The Best Kei Car To Import

The best Kei car to import is the one that suits your requirements the best and the one that can enter your country easily. Yes, some countries do not allow Kei cars due to safety reasons like frontal impact laws. New Zealand and Australia are two such countries. There is no point even trying to import one unless you never intend to register it there.

Kei Trucks & Cars Imported to Canada

Obviously there are many countries where importing Kei cars is allowable and people do regularly. Canada, for example, has reasonably relaxed rules when it comes to importing Kei cars into Canada. Canadians especially love the Mini Trucks that are available here in Japan. Dump trucks and little 4×4 tip trucks are especially practical to import for off-road usage and farm requirements in Canada. Don’t forget when importing cars from Japan to Canada that the vehicle can not be younger than 15 years to the month.

Importing Kei Cars and Trucks To The USA

The USA is another country where the Kei truck is especially popular for its versatility. There has been a major influx of Japanese Kei vehicles entering the USA in recent years yet again for off-road usage and agricultural purposes due to the multi-purpose versatility the Kei truck offers the end-user. The USA only accepts imported cars from Japan that are 25 years or older for legal road use in the USA.

If by chance you know of a variation to this ruling please update my posting.

Kei Cars and Vans For Sri Lanka, India and Others

Unlike the North American countries noted above these central Asian countries like Sri Lanka accept much newer vehicles for importing from Japan. These are normally cars 2017 or newer from memory. Kei cars are inexpensive and frugal to maintain which makes them perfect for some countries where the economy over style is far more important.

Final Note

Basically speaking Japan is full of late-model quality Kei cars and trucks destined to be exported somewhere. Which one is best is up to you the buyer and your countries rules.


I am thinking about importing a Kei Car from Japan
I am thinking about importing a Kei Car from Japan



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