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What Type Of Car Should I Buy

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What Type Of Car Should I Buy

What type of car you should buy from Japan depends on many factors that only you alone car answer. For example, what is the car primarily used for? Is it going to be your personal car or will it be for re-sale? Many factors need to be considered when considering what type of car to buy from Japan.

Price Range

Cars from Japan are normally cheaper than what you can buy locally and this is one great reason why you should consider purchasing your car from the land of the rising sun. Firstly don’t over commit yourself solely to car price. Save some money for shipping and little incidentals that may need your attention once the car arrives at your port

What incidentals should I think about?

Maybe the battery is dead as its been sitting for some time or the oil is dirt etc. Just be prepared for a little expense just to be on the safe side.

Are cars from Japan really cheaper

Over 50,000 used cars leave Japan on a monthly basis. So yes they are cheaper. Many cars over 10 years of age are under 50% of the new car equivalent price.

Pick Wisely

Pick your car wisely and don’t let your auction agent push you up in price too quickly. Do some dummy runs and find out about prices that your type of car is selling for at auction. Read more about that here. Follow this rule of thumb and you will get an inexpensive car easily.

Dont get distracted and start looking for something that you didn’t initially want. Stick to your guns and buy the best car you can find within your price range. Its not hard with over 150,000 cars online in Japan nearly everyday.

Where can I see cars to get an idea?

For an initial start use our free auction website here to get you going https://carauctionsjapan.com/

Can I pick any color

As long as the color was produced by the manufacturer you will get your car. Or you may have to consider color change.

Whats the average price of a car in Japan

This is a tough one as there are millions of cars here and of many classifications. Just find out your price range and your agent can recommend some cars you.

What Type Of Car Should I Buy

Dont Let Others Decide For You

What type of car should I buy? This what it’s all about. Only you know this. Do your research and due diligence. Whats the car for, how many people will I be taking, economy or a fast beast. Make a list and answer your own questions then reach out to an agent for more answers.

Who do I contact in Japan as I dont know where to begin

You can contact me direct and I speak English and will help you with everything.

Do I need to pay for your advice and automotive support

No you dont have to pay us/me anything for a little advice as its 100% free. Get in touch here.

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