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Auctions and especially automotive auctions in Japan are exceptionally sophisticated.

Most of us always think of a car auction in a large room with an auction manager and a very loud gavel or hammer. This is entirely incorrect in the case of Japanese car auctions.

Japanese Used Car Auction TalkOur auctions consist of computers and tv screens with lots of noise. Many people will lead you to believe that it’s exceptionally difficult to use when in reality that’s far from the truth. With this automation and sophistication matched with Japanese precision comes accuracy and speed.

We sit there with little buttons and push them until our budgets are wasted or we win the target car for our customer.

Once a car has its start time the auction for that car will commence and complete within 10 to 30 seconds depending on the car and price range. In this time-space, the car will either SELL, NOT SELL, NEGOTIATE, OR CANCEL.

As auction agents, we handle this for you either directly at the auction or from our office wherever that may be. It is not brain surgery but its fun and keeps the business interesting.

To control this aspect of the business you need to reside in Japan and have a license to operate as we do. With this, we take care of everything for you from the beginning through to fruition.  Click the member access below to check out the auctions today and we will help you with all the rest.


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