Auction Sheet Translations

Auction sheet translations made easy by Auto Trader ImportsĀ 


Auction Sheet Translations have been gathered from the major auction halls and we translate the for you.

These translations are not carved in stone so please contact us if you require additional information as we are happy to help

Auction Sheet Translations are translated upon request for our members only. Detailed information and photos are provided with a translation of the auction evaluation sheet upon your request only if you are a member of our Japanese Car Auction Website.ATI

Auction Sheet Translations play a key roll for everyone involved, particularly those who are not able to access the actual auction hall. However, the sheets are designed and provided information only to certified dealers in Japan. We translate these auction sheets into English and also check to see if any severe defects are noted by the auction inspectors so that problematic cars can be filtered beforehand.

Note that all Japanese auctions grade cars differently and some betters than others. Our Auction Sheet Translations are designed as a guide only and you should contact us at for a thorough explanation.

Keep in mind that most Japanese Car Exporters work directly from their office and never go to a single auction and they rely entirely on these auction sheets. Upon application Auto Trader Imports will go to the auction and expect a car personally upon written request. This is a paid service and fees etc will be discussed prior to the auction date. We advise talking to us directly about any car first as we have the experience to advise you accurately within reason.

We trust the auctions but still advise talking to us about any car prior to bidding. Auto Trader Imports members will receive 1st priority



Please contact us for translations:






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