Left hand Drive Cars

Left Hand Drive Europen and American Cars?

Not many people realise this but Japanese people also Love driving LHD!

This means that we can offer you a huge selection of Left Hand Drive cars direct from Japan at more than affordable prices Left Hand Drive Cars


Japanese people love cars and love Exotic, European and American cars off which 90% are all LHD.

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Left Hand Drive Cars

The higher end Euro and Exotics are all guaranteed to be Left Hand Drive while some off the smaller models such as 3 series BMW’s and C Class Mercedes will be a 50/50 mixture off Right Hand & Left Hand Drive and in addition to that they will normally be low mileage.
If you are considering a European, Classic, Exotic or American car dont look any further than the Japanese Car Auction system which we give you free access to.

Not only will you get a car with low mileage and in nice order, it will more than likely have a full service history as well. Look at the Auction page or our Dealer stock page to see what is currently on offer around the country, you may very well be surprised at what you find. There are cars from Germany, Italy, Sweden, UK, USA, France, and more all available now in Japan that are Left Hand Drive.

In some cases we may even do RHD to Left Hand Drive conversions!*Note that only around 2% of Japanese cars are Left Hand Drive.

BMW M3 E30 Left Hand Drive

BMW M3 E30 Left Hand Drive

Lancia Delta Integrale Left Hand Drive

Lancia Delta Integrale Left Hand Drive

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