Auction Photo & Look Over Request

Thank you for bidding with us. The following process is very easy to follow and we are sure that you will have no problems.

If you want a car checked by us at USS Tokyo with additional photos please use the form below.

USS Tokyo is huge and covers has a land size of a small town. We must be fast and precise so there are a few conditions in using this service so please read below.

USS Tokyo Auction Photo Request and Basic Inspection

There are many car auctions situated all over Japan but the largest is USS Tokyo by far and also one that has the greatest selection of cars in one place. This is why everyone goes to USS Tokyo as the auction of choice.

USS Tokyo takes place in Japan every Thursday and we go there to inspect cars for our paid-up members.

  1. If you have a deposit in our system already all car checking and additional photos are free for you.
  2. If you are not a member of our service or do not have a deposit in our system each inspection will incur a small fee of 1,000 JPY per car. Our regular members do not have to pay for this.

Auction Photos and Car Inspections

We take a maximum of 15 to 20 photos that will be sent to you immediately after the check and a small video later in the day as time permits. We also confirm the accuracy of the initial auction inspection by checking the car.

Please note the time of the auction when requesting an inspection as our time frames may differ considerably. If you are asleep this is beyond our control sorry so get your request in early.


Please Request Using The Form On The Right And Note The Auction Number

For No Deposit Members

For those of you who have no deposit in our system or have not bought any car in the past, you will need to pay a small fee per inspection via PayPal here. You are requested to pay 1,000 JPY per car requested or we cant assist you on the day.

Please count the number of cars and add your payment below thank you. Our current paid up customers are NOT required to do this. You know who you are?

Yes We Accept PayPal

Thank you for your payment

Simple Terms Of Agreement

  1. All Requests Must Be Submitted 1 Hour Before Auction Time
  2. Everyone Has Equal Priority
  3. We Accept No Responsibility For Video or Picture Quality
  4. No Cant Check The Same Car Twice.
  5. We Do Not Have Time To Chat During Inspections
  6. We, Will, Send The Pictures And Small Report After Inspection. The Video Will Come After Auction
  7. Auto Trader Imports Is Not Physically Inspecting Any Car But Is There To Confirm The Accuracy Of The Initial Auction Report. Any Claim For Inaccuracy Of The Report Must Be Taken Up With The Auction Within The Allowable Claim Period Provided By USS Tokyo. We accept no liability and all cars are checked by us on an as-is-where-is basis. No car can be driven nor do we have hoist or tools for anything. This is no more than a look around to confirm the auction sheet and some additional pictures and videos.
  8. Any request for a more comprehensive can be done via the link provided on the right. Please use the contact button on that page for this request. There will be an additional fee of 8,000 JPY for anyone requesting this service including paid members.
  9. We accept email address only at this point for the file transfer. This will change as time goes by.
  10. Unless you have a special agreement the maximum amount of cars to request checked is 10.