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I have been in Japan for over 15 years and prior to that had been coming here almost monthly. I love cars and have exported thousands. I currently live around Tokyo with my wife and two teenage boys.

Extra Items

Extra Automotive Content here, Community, Automotive Website Design, SEO, and more.

Extra Items and More

Look here for that little bit extra support and great items about cars, website dealerships, community support and more.


Like all Automotive Motoring based websites we want to offer our members and casual readers more information and interaction with ourselves and other people interested in not just cars and trucks from Japan, but vehicles and all from a global perspective.

More often than not websites offering access to auctions and stock from Japan seem to concentrate on 1 single narrow-minded focus point about importing cars from Japan. That focus is simply to catch your attention with a nice looking car advertised for an unbelievably low price on their website. All in all its good and everyone wins. We also followed this formula for many years when advertising here on this auto website Autotraderimports and on Tradecarview.

Over the years we have grown and become a lot more diverse including extra

Japan Partner

Require a Japan Partner to Provide Cars for you!
Japan PartnerCheck our service and see why we should become your Partner in Japan and Provide Cars to you. Finding the right partner in Japan to search, inspect and ultimately buy you quality cars from Japan is no easy task. We know this because we have heard the stories. Yes, there are many good stories and many reliable partners for trade. However, for every reliable one, there is always another trying to get in through the back door.To become a good our great auction agent in Japan you must first have knowledge. Anyone can make a pretty website full of great words boasting how good they are, it's easy. But how many can boast years of actual service to the public and still have a great history?A good auction agent is what you the buyer requires. The auction agent should have years of experience in not just buying cars at the auction but also hands-on mechanical knowledge and the ability to converse with you in a language you can mostly understand.Happy family wi [...]<div class=

Car Talk

Lets talk about cars
Car Talk, Lets Talk About Cars


Having been actively around cars for some 25 plus years in a consulting, sales, exporting, importing in a somewhat loose sort of way I want to talk more about cars, etc.

I am not one to spend all days on facebook or youtube looking at videos. Sometimes I simply want good organic content I can read and digest about all things Automotive. Make some content that lasts more than a brief flick of a finger or mouse click.

Yes, I want to have some fun and get conversations started on our own terms. Social media is great but we don’t need to spend every minute there, and occasionally breaking free from its fun also. Be adventurous and read an article and talk seriously with other like-minded automotive enthusiasts.














What is Car Talk?

Well, car talk

Car Inquiry

What type of Car are you looking for?

Learn more here about importing Vehicles of all descriptions direct from Japan

Spare Parts & Accessories

Do you need Automotive Parts and Accessories from Japan?
Spare Parts & Accessories


Yes, we all need spare parts from time to time and Japan is a great place to start. We can get parts for all Japanese cars including JDM grey market cars. The only limit is how many parts you need.

Japanese Spare Parts and Accessories

Obviously, with our experience in the industry, we have great contact with parts and accessories and we want to extend this to you.

The solution is simple. Simple fill in the online form below and explain what Spare Parts and Accessories you need and we will come back to you with a price for these parts.

We can access our affiliates and get the best price for you on transmissions, engines, suspensions, body kits, special bespoke items, re-conditioned parts and much more.


Why do we offer this Parts service?

We are fully aware that in some

Stock vs Auction

What is the difference buying from stock or Auction?


Stock vs Auction

Yes, this is a vital question for anyone considering buying a car new or used ex-Japan. How bid is the differences and what are the pitfalls of each.

Within this page, we will answer some of the questions and explain the added value of each to you the automotive consumer. Buying cars is a very personal thing and much of it is either taught to us by our parents or governed by what is socially acceptable or the norm in your country.

Some countries love to buy cars directly from dealer stock as the car is there, and it’s touchable to some extent. It’s also close to what the car buyer wants. No, it may or may not be perfect but it’s darn close. Most of the time darn close is enough for many people.

Other countries love to buy from the auction as its an adrenalin rush or I love

German Cars

Where, and how do I buy German cars here on this website?
German Cars

Statistically thinking anyone would say that Japan is full of Japanese manufactured cars, and it is.

However, weirdly enough there are so many cars from Germany on the streets of Japan you must start to wonder just where these great cars from Bavaria were actually made, to which we all know the answer.

One look here when you drive down the expressway you will count every 2nd or 3rd car being a BMW, Mercedes or Porshe.

Just the other day I followed a great Mercedes Benz E500 limited edition with its large bulging rear fenders glaring at me and A Porche 911 996 Turbo went the other way.


Ok, and we know very well that it doesn’t stop with these two great Icons. For many years the Japanese public has long fascinated and yearned for these cars off large engine capacities and luxurious coachwork complete fabulous engineering from Germany. Sometimes overly engineered.


Automotive Buying & Importing Consulting
Do You Want The Best Car First Time?


Well, it obvious that you must do, who wouldn’t want to buy the best car first time right!

What I want to ask is…. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS?

You know most people just email a car company or exporter and say what sort of car they want and the next thing you know a pile of junk arrives.

Or you get something that closely resembles what you ordered but not everything is quite right with the entire process. These are the processes are what we want to fix together.

Lets correct that by getting it right the first time. I know that you want to do this correctly, yes?

So how to start? Where are your answers? Who to talk to about importing cars?

It is imperative to get the buying [...]

Car Types

Looking for a particular style of car from Japan?
Car Types and Talk

There is never an end to discussions when it comes to cars. When thinking about a heading for this post/page we got a little lost as what we really want to inform you about is the different styles of cars available in Japan from Muscle cars to Kei Trucks. Yes they have them all.


Car popularity by Country-What People like to buy
Car popularity by Country-What People like to buy

Are you wondering what car to buy from Japan that is popular today in your country? Here we have compiled a small list of recent cars purchased from folk in most commonly exported to by volume countries.

One thing to notice immediately is the unique contrast between them. Some differences are the country rules dictate what the end user car buy. Other countries impose crippling taxes which make it near on impossible to import a car from Japan.

How do I Buy Cars

How Do I buy a Car From Japan?
How do I Buy Cars?


Yes, another great question people often ask when attempting to buy cars for the first time from Japan. The first main step is to decide if you want to buy from dealer stock or direct from Auction. Here is some information about dealer stock and auction for comparison.

Ok if you have read that page and decided or you are already warmed up with enough ideas we will explain the simple steps to obtain your car directly from either stock or auction. It’s a simple process and won’t take long to complete.

Search for Cars

Step1 Search for Cars

The best thing to do now is to start your search for cars via the auction website here. With access to over 135,000 cars weekly you will find the car you need. If it is not here we can help you buy [...]


Auto Trader Imports discussion board and forum

Customer Joining Form

Register with us here
Simple Registration Form

Ok now that you have come this far the rest is easy. You only are required to complete this form if you are buying more than 3 cars per month. The reason we ask for this is so that we can provide the correct information for you in your country.

Simply enter your details in the form below and send to us and you will be contacted by someone in the office within 12 hours

Car Export Numbers

How Many Cars Are Exported From Japan


Below is a basic graph of vehicle export figures taken from numerous sources over a 2 year period. These figures are an average only and are to be used as a simple guideline.

One look at the massive numbers of cars going into countries like the UAE and New Zealand must make us ponder on the scale of logistics involved moving these vehicles from A to B and then to Z. The total task must be completely daunting.

In reality, it’s not. If you look at our shipping page here you will read that it is actually not difficult at all. In fact, all you need to do is have access to a website which displays cars from Japan, either from dealers or auction and you on your way.


How Hard Is It?

Since my early days of importing to New Zealand and subsequently exporting from Japan globally, I strongly

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