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I have been in Japan for over 15 years and prior to that had been coming here almost monthly. I love cars and have exported thousands. I currently live around Tokyo with my wife and two teenage boys.

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Below is a basic graph of vehicle export figures taken from numerous sources over a 2 year period. These figures are an average only and are to be used as a simple guideline.

One look at the massive numbers of cars going into countries like the UAE and New Zealand must make us ponder on the scale of logistics involved moving these vehicles from A to B and then to Z. The total task must be completely daunting.

In reality, it’s not. If you look at our shipping page here you will read that it is actually not difficult at all. In fact, all you need to do is have access to a website which displays cars from Japan, either from dealers or auction and you on your way.


How Hard Is It?

Since my early days of importing to New Zealand and subsequently exporting from Japan globally, I strongly

Why Buying Cars From Japan Is Important.


Why do I want to buy cars from Japan? I mean what advantages are the for me buying there than say in my own country?Happy family with a new car from Japan

Have you ever wondered why there are nearly 100,000 used motor cars leaving the shores of Japanese cities like Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka every month? These are just used cars I am referring to. This volume of vehicles has been exporting out of ports around Japan for the last 30 plus years or so. I can’t begin to ponder how many new cars, trucks, and vans are shipping out monthly/annually.

It’s hard to imagine countries like New Zealand, Tanzania, Kenya, and Australia progressing in terms of automotive advancement for daily life without the support if these Japanese imports flooding in monthly.

As a New Zealander, [...]

Every Company Needs a  Frequently Asked Question Page Our website is no different and here we have our answers to your questions. We have not gone the traditional way of simply supplying you an accordion style simple FAQ! We have a dedicated website where you can get answers to everything. If it's not there we will add it.AUCTION PROCESS PAYMENT OPTIONS AUCTION RULES TIPS AND TRICKS GENERAL CHAT SHIPPING GETTING STARTEDThere are many more items in the FAQ that we have not mentioned. Please feel free to leave a message if you dont see your answer.Frequently Asked Questions Here
Welcome To Our Customer Loyalty Program  Yes, we have a loyalty program. Like any other system, your purchases are rewarded. Any incentive is a good one so please read on for Membership Fees.The incentive we offer is based on a monthly vehicle buying volume. To begin with our flat fee for a single car up to the value of 2 million Japanese yen is very reasonable everybody wins anyway. So this on its own is a good reason to give us a try.Auto Trader Imports LogoHowever here we will start to explain the Agent Fee structure for you in a little bit more detail. There is nothing shocking in an Agent Fee and many items need to be considered along the way. Remember that many fees must be paid when buying any car from the auction here in Japan. It's not a free ride for us sadly as much as we would love it to be.When buying a car for $1,000 or $100,000 the fees do not change much except the auction fee may be a little higher for the $100,000 car and we must pay [...]


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