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Do You Want The Best Car First Time?


Well, it obvious that you must do, who wouldn’t want to buy the best car first time right!

What I want to ask is…. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS?

You know most people just email a car company or exporter and say what sort of car they want and the next thing you know a pile of junk arrives.

Or you get something that closely resembles what you ordered but not everything is quite right with the entire process. These are the processes are what we want to fix together.

Lets correct that by getting it right the first time. I know that you want to do this correctly, yes?

So how to start? Where are your answers? Who to talk to about importing cars?

It is imperative to get the buying and importing PROCESS  correct from the onset and ELIMINATE as many potential problems before they are sitting outside your garage.

After single-handedly exported close to 3,500 cars in recent years I am qualified to help you GET IT RIGHT from start to finish.

Car Buying the Right Way

Parting with your hard earned savings on a first-time car purchase from a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking experience even for seasoned pros.

I am an exporter and have received millions of dollars from buyers and even I have questions when buying items over the internet without first gaining trust and assurances from the ONLINE VENDOR

Unless I can have some consultation with the person I am reluctant to move forward.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and you need this knowledge in your court. Buying cars from Japan is simple, but buying the right car first time is the number 1 priority and all you should be thinking about first.

My experience with this I offer free and will support you throughout when using our service. It is that simple. You can get your consultation with me anytime for free.

Note that I am not a SALESPERSON but a professional automotive buyer and car exporter and this is what I am consulting on. It’s not my job to teach you how to sell as I wouldn’t know where to begin.

The consultation we offer strictly covers the topic of buying and importing cars vans, buses or trucks via the internet from Japan.

Automotive Import Consulting



Here are the guidance steps required to get your free consultation and everything we ask you is obligation free.

Once you fill out the form you will be contacted on your favorite method of chat format. Please note that we only use TEXTING for contact initially. This is best for non-fluent speakers of English. By texting online we can map out the best strategy for you and provide you with the best answers for your questions.

Please answer the form below correctly and ACCURATELY for us to be able to assist you in the best method possible including time, location and main language.

We will contact you for a chat time within 24 hours and send you a quick message first.

Our initial consultation will only be about 20 minutes and from then on you will have 90% of your answers replied to. YES IT IS THAT FAST SO LETS`S GET STARTED



Here we have a few simple questions and there is nothing personal. Our questions are simply there for basic information to help us support you. Once we understand you and what you’re looking for we can guide you correctly

Please make sure that your email address and preferred method of contact are accurately completed.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Which country are you from?
Note we only contact during Japan hours of 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday
Please pick your preferred method of contact
We cant contact you without your address. Please write your correct address here for our text consultation
As the form suggests
This is not vital but is appreciated if you can answer
Again this is not required but appreciated if you can assist by filling out
Please answer the above then submit.

About Automotive Consulting

This is for auto consultations on an international level. If you are looking for advice on buying from your nearby local dealer we are not the correct forum for you. Our consultations are designed for prospective buyers and importers of cars from Japan and occasionally other countries.

Ultimately this is for people wanting to import the best car at the best value with the best set of skills and information provided with collaboration from us at Auto Trader Imports


Let’s enjoy the procedure together





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