Bank And Deposits

Buying Cars From Japan Will Require A Deposit

We do accept PayPal and bank transfer for deposit payments
Yes, 99.9% of all Car Exporters from Japan will require a deposit from their customers when buying cars for them. We are just the same but ours is 100% refundable if we are unlucky at auction and can’t get that elusive car. Pay your deposit here.


Banking And Deposit Payments

Yep, we know it’s strange but someone needs to pay for that car that you want to buy. And it’s very rare that this someone will buy a car for you without a deposit being sent first. By the way, it’s very easy.

Here you will find our deposit and bank details to help secure your new car from Auto Trader Imports. So to proceed with your new car purchase please use the PayPal Deposit link here below.

Deposits Only

We require 100,000 JPY for any vehicle up to 1.99 Million JPY or 15% of any amount above the total potential purchase price of 2.0 Million JPY.


Yes We Accept PayPal
Yes We Accept PayPal





Important Info About Making Your Deposit

When making your deposit please include your full name so that we can clearly identify your deposit and who you are.

Any customers with long-standing deposits in our system please contact us for further reference and support.

We accept most currencies as a deposit but our preference is obviously JPY. Once your deposit has been received we will contact you by email to confirm this.

Your deposit is 100% refundable less any bank fees incurred. If there are no fees incurred you will receive back the amount that was received in our account upon your request if no car was purchased for you.

Finally, your deposit will be used towards either the total car cost or be deducted from the shipping fee.

Thank You For Your Deposit




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Importing Kei trucks to The USA. Recently I was involved in the purchase of two great little Kei trucks that we will use for some farm work here in Utah USA. So far to date, the process has been an exceptionally smooth process.

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