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Had the thought of popping over to Japan for a car buying trip ever crossed your mind?

We often have questions from prospective car buyers asking if a buying trip would be a good option over buying from your armchair back home. In most cases, we would say that a buying trip is well worth the exercise. Getting the chance to see a Japanese car Auction in working mode is quite an experience and the vibrancy consumes you whilst you are there. Not only that but Japan is a fabulous place to visit.


Buying Cars In Japan

Buying Cars In Japan

Auto Buying Potential

The simple fact is that when you are here then chances are you will buy more cars than usual. Looking at any motor vehicle close up makes it far easier to make a rational decision versus buying over the internet where you cant see the car correctly from 3 or 5 little grainy auction pictures. When you are at an auction like USS Tokyo or HAA Kobe, for example, you will get up close and personal with each car. You see it all.

At USS Tokyo, for example, there will often be anywhere from 11,000 to 13,000 cars there on any single day. Depending on what type of cars you are buying we could be there all day. We will set the pace and all you have to do is keep up. While you are here the hype will lift you and your buying potential will increase due to this. I have seen many people come here with the intention to buy 2 or 5 cars on a trip and then subsequently go home with 6 or 10. It’s a fun ride.


USS Japan Auction Site Map

USS Japan Auction Site Map

I Need Help To Buy Cars

If this is your first time in Japan our goal is to educate you on not only how the auction works but also the complete buying process from inspections to how ewe ship a car to you. If you need help to inspect the cars our trained professional buyers will be there to help you out. If you want to do your own thing we will stand back and let you steam ahead. We will translate each auction sheet for you from Japanese to English and also bid on the car for you physically. Obviously our goal is to buy this vehicle for as little as possible and this is where our staff are best,


See Japan while you buy cars

See Japan while you buy cars

Where Are Our Customer From?

It does not matter where you are from! As long as your country has a port or can accept used cars from Japan we can send the c ars to you. As a good suggestion, it’s always advisable to check the current import regulations in your country prior to venturing over here for your buying trip.

Contact Us For Your Buying Trip.

We have had buyers over from Canada, UK, UAE, Germany, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, and Kenya to name a few. If you are uncertain simply Whatsapp us or contact us here for more information.

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