Car Export Numbers

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Below is a basic graph of vehicle export figures taken from numerous sources over a 2 year period. These figures are an average only and are to be used as a simple guideline.

One look at the massive numbers of cars going into countries like the UAE and New Zealand must make us ponder on the scale of logistics involved moving these vehicles from A to B and then to Z. The total task must be completely daunting.

In reality, it’s not. If you look at our shipping page here you will read that it is actually not difficult at all. In fact, all you need to do is have access to a website which displays cars from Japan, either from dealers or auction and you on your way.


How Hard Is It?

Since my early days of importing to New Zealand and subsequently exporting from Japan globally, I strongly believe I can say with 100% conviction that importing a car is easy if you follow some basic guidelines. How To Import A Car From Japan

  • Research your local market
  • Research the importation rules and regulations in your country
  • Check out local importers websites but don’t use them unless you absolutely have to
  • Find a good reliable Agent in Japan. Yes we do recommend ourselves as we have the experience to support you
  • Obtain the services of a good local import customs agent.
  • Bid on a few cars with low budgets before buying the first car for average prices
  • Buy right from the start and you can sell the car easily
  • Enjoy the process and have some fun
  • Contact me direct any time for support on my personal email at [email protected]
  • Get your wife’s approval before you start

I can’t see my Country on the list below

Some countries didn’t make it onto the list as the page would be too long and we need to please Google with a shorter page with good quality information. In all, there are about 130+ countries importing cars from Japan on a monthly basis. Some countries impose rules and taxes that make importing difficult for the end consumer and others do not. This is why we emphasize checking your local regulations

We have been blessed with many exports to countries such as Germany, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, Tanzania, Finland, and more over the years and its amazing to see that Germany was not on this list and yet it was our core market at some point.

Markets change and the values below will change from time to time but we think the top 5 won’t change for a while unless the USA opens its doors to Japanese cars and stops this 25-year rule which is severely limiting. Also if China ever allows major importations of used cars from Japan the tables would turn on its head.

With those two countries buying cars from Japan they would certainly knock the UAE and New Zealand from their 1 and 2 positions respectively. Let’s see what time brings us.


Some Basic Automotive Export Figures from Japan 2018 ~ 2019 Yearly Average

1 U.A.E.57,255
3 RUSSIA36,883
4 CHILE30,496
5 KENYA22,919
6 MONGOLIA22,339
7 MYANMAR19,063
8 TANZANIA18,004
11 GEORGIA12,673
12 PAKISTAN10,088
14 SRI LANKA8,633
15 JAMAICA8,117
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