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Are You Looking For That Special Car?


If you are wanting that special car and can’t quite find it, we are here to help you out. With access to thousands of cars throughout Japan, we are sure that we can help you outMercedes Benz E500 Limited Edition

What car or vehicle are you wanting? Is it a Classic Mercedes Benz or Ferrari, or simply a special model from Nissan that you can’t get in your country. Over the years we have witnessed some astonishing request for cars.

Send your inquiry to us today and we will reply to you within 24 hours obligation free.


Your Security is Guaranteed

Having been in this business longer than some of the larger portals touting security and trust we can with all good intentions assure you of total trust and security. Not only have we been involved in exporting cars for over 23 years + we have served thousands of satisfied customers globally. We, Will, Do Our Best For You

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Not Sure How To Buy?

How to buy a car from Japan

How to buy a car from Japan

Learn more here about importing Vehicles of all descriptions direct from Japan

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