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Car Inspections

Car Inspections

Maybe you are looking to have your car inspected at the auction before you buy it? This is sometimes a favorable option rather than relying solely on the auction sheet for the complete rundown on your potential new car from Japan. There are many reasons to do this and we can assist with your request at little or zero additional fee depending upon the auction location here in Japan.

How Long Does An Inspection Take?

The inspection itself may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 depending on the size of the car and what we find around the car. Much of the inspection will depend upon the initial grade of the car provided by the auction. The poorer the grade of the car a long time may be required to inspect it properly from back to front unless there is an obvious red flag.

What Takes Place During The Inspection?

During the inspection items, we cover will include the following. If you have a special request please ask.


  • Interior seats for wear.
  • Steering wheel condition
  • Condition of pedals for excess wear and seat belt discoloration. (possible mileage tampering)
  • A quick inspection of the speedo cluster
  • All electrics including operation of air-con, sunroof and other electrical items in the cabin
  • Ashtrays and cigarette lighter for signs of tobacco
  • Roof headlining and all fabrics for lifting and stains or sagging
  • A general all over inspection is noted



  • Initial noises emitting from the engine or elsewhere when starting
  • Clutch check if possible
  • Transmission condition by moving from P to D, R, N a few times
  • Noises from anywhere else around the car
  • Any possible misfires or poor running of the engine
  • Signs of smoke or other items emitting from the exhaust



  • Check the lines down each side looking for paint waves and dings etc
  • Paint condition
  • Condition of window rubbers
  • Tire condition and brake wear when possible
  • Suspension condition
  • Windscreen cracks or other
  • Rust if any
  • Signs of re-spray
  • Paint meter check
  • Alignment of exterior panels
  • Alloy wheel check
  • Window positions and door handles
  • Boot check for rust in the spare wheel area and carpet condition etc
  • Check under each side of the car for dents and rust and damage repair
  • Check transmission for wet spots and drive train
  • Check under the engine for possible leaks and weeping or any adverse item



  • Lifting of bonnet and bonnet condition
  • The general look of the engine area
  • Strut tower condition
  • Look for rust
  • Check for possible repair signs
  • Check fluids for health and clarity accordingly
  • Check for signs of previous fluid leaks or current
  • Oil condition on the dipstick and filler cap with the engine on and off
  • Look at all belts for wear
  • Condition of wiring
  • Battery condition (in any location)
  • Listen to the car while checking
  • Get car hot and look for possible bad indicators
  • Exhaust condition
Note that all these checks are done in a stationary position as we cant move the vehicles and inspections under the car are done by visual eye as lifting equipment is not possible.
Car Inspections at Auctions in Japan

Car Inspections at Auctions in Japan


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