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Yes, it’s true! We are now offering car reviews on our pages. After 12 years of exporting cars from Japan, we thought it time to write down some of the fabulous and not so fabulous experiences we have had with the multitude of vehicles that have crossed our path. I particularly have noticed just how difficult it is to write a review objectively and to a larger extent have struggled with quality content. However, as time goes by I am positive that my literary skill shall flourish.


Vehicle Ratings

Most car magazine reviews and the like give few real ratings on cars and tend just to discuss performance and the like. The performance aspect of the motor car will always be a paramount topic but we endeavor to explore more with our reviews and have given many more ratings to our vehicle rating system. It’s honestly not shy of being a little too extensive.

We have rated cars with not only sound knowledge but also injected a little humor and produced ratings on a more human level and relative to the car. It’s not simply full of one line puns and sees how funny we are. Reviews on vehicles need to say something and in the end, the reader must have seen all the pros and cons to enrich their palette and empower. I go away from so many reviews either written or on Youtube and all I remember is the journalist’s nagging voice or the jokes they have told. Reviews need to be remembered and stored to memory for the purpose it was written.


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Simple and Concise Articles

I particularly struggle with reading long sentences and putting words together. I am not alone with this as its a simple form of dyslexia. With this in mind, we have produced simple short review article blogs that are informative and to the point. Our information is easy to read and the conclusion is met quickly so you the reader can move quickly to the next post article. Google would love us to write longer articles but not everyone has the ability to read and absorb long articles in one sitting. Here is an example of what’s available on a page.

Description:¬†An exceptionally long and elegantly crafted splendid example of British engineering from a day gone by. Yes the Jaguar XJ series and especially the XJS V12 was a car Baby Boomers dreamed of possibly owning as we saw them slip quietly down the road on rare occasions. Owned only by the elite in the town the XJS was the envy of many in its day. Let’s see if it’s still the same circa 2019.

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Write Your Own Review

Everyone today is allowed to leave reviews on Airbnb, Yahoo, eBay, or Trip Advisor, etc. Everyone these days has the chance to be a critic. On our Blog, we offer you the chance to be an Automobile Critic. The system is simple and you already know if the car was great or a load of crap. So why not put that knowledge to good use and write it down somewhere. There is no bad review in our opinion so give it a go. Send Your Review Now.

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