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People have different needs and requirements when it comes to cars. Also time and learning a new system can be difficult to manage. With this in mind we have a Car Search system for our members where we do the searching for you.

It’s great if you can search also but we will certainly do our best to find the best cars that fit your criteria. Please read below on how to use this system.

  1. Please provide as much information as possible including: Auction Grades, Mileage and Colour
  2. Note that if you have too many options it will be difficult to find targets
  3. You must be a paid up member to use this service (we require a refundable deposit)
  4. Please be specific about your criteria and note if these cars can enter your country prior to submitting this form.
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Details Required Are. MAKE / MODEL / YEAR Please be precise
Details Required Are. MAKE / MODEL / YEAR Please be precise
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This is why we are Really Great For You

Regular Servicing

Japanese cars are mostly regularly serviced by their owners. Due to Japanese paranoia you will find that most cars have regular maintenance history.

Winning Formula

With both of us searching for your next car from Japan we have a winning formula. As the saying goes “four eyes are better that two”

A New Car Sounds Great

Buying a new car is fun. We aim to put a capital F into the fun aspect of your car importing from Japan. There is no time like now to reach out to us about your auto importing requirements.

Take A Break

Take a break from regular life and search for cars with us at Auto Trader Imports. Searching within our auction system is easy and requires zero skill and there is automotive eye candy on every-page. Have a look at the website now.

Great Logistics

The trickiest part of buying cars and exporting them is from A to B in a decent time frame. With the infrastructure we have in place and our network of friendly transport companies at our disposal we can have your new cars moving to you faster than most.

Pick The Right Gear

Pace in the Export and Import business is vital. Many auction agents will push you to buy the first car that comes along. At Auto Trader Imports we let you choose the pace and also select the perfect car. You will never be hurried along.

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