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Car Talk, Lets Talk About Cars


Having been actively around cars for some 25 plus years in a consulting, sales, exporting, importing in a somewhat loose sort of way I want to talk more about cars, etc.

I am not one to spend all days on facebook or youtube looking at videos. Sometimes I simply want good organic content I can read and digest about all things Automotive. Make some content that lasts more than a brief flick of a finger or mouse click.

Yes, I want to have some fun and get conversations started on our own terms. Social media is great but we don’t need to spend every minute there, and occasionally breaking free from its fun also. Be adventurous and read an article and talk seriously with other like-minded automotive enthusiasts.


çar talk, lets talk about cars

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What is Car Talk?

Well, car talk is whatever you want it to be as long as its about the automotive industry and centred around cars.

The main thing I need to stress is here is this. We provide cars from Japan and not just Japanese cars. These cars maybe have been manufactured in the USA, Germany, Japan Italy or England. The common factor is that they all will be cars exported from Japan to you. These cars, parts, and accessories are the items we want to discuss and advise upon. Where to get these items, how much to pay and who from etc.

When we chat or talk about cars, vans, trucks, and buses, etc, it’s not limited to price only. Its a hobby, passion and for many a life long dream. Buying a car from Japan or the USA, for example, is simply part of the fun. Watching guys on youtube bragging and fooling around is also guaranteed entertainment.


So How Do We Talk Cars?

  • Start Here
  • Join Our Forum
  • Provide some good questions
  • Get sound advice
  • Don’t follow a trend
  • Do your own thing
  • Join a club


Is talking About a Car Better Than Talking About Real estate?

Good question but somewhat arguable. If you’re lucky enough to get into real estate early, at a good time, or daddy throws money at you we think real estate is the winner. However, for the rest of us, mere mortals buying selling motor cars will always be a good quick money spinner for all and a great way to enjoy a favourite past time. ( Driving ) and looking at your car in the garage. A house is great to live in, but you can’t drive it down the coast with the windows open listening to the engine rumble.

People have been involved in car chat for decades and with the help of the internet, we can now simply jump online and read about our favourite cars or the future one that Porsche or Ferrari is developing. The internet is taking us there quicker than a book ever could have done 40 years ago. But the book was an exciting read.

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Social Networking and Customer Interaction

Like any other quality website today we aim to promote social networking and content building with our customers about all things cars. This could be anything from your old 1968 Mustangs fuel pump to how good you looked the other day picking up your newly imported Japanese car at the port the other day.

To do this we have a little forum that needs your participation. Make it your own and bring your own automotive group in. It is a little traditional but that’s ok. At least have a look around it and leave a nice comment or make some constructive advice.

Auto Trader Imports Community page in association with Used Cars Japan

Auto Trader Imports Community page in association with Used Cars Japan

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