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Coronavirus Effects On Car Exports

Has Coronavirus effected car exports?

However, here is Japan car prices have been steadily increasing for some years now to a point where it was and still is nearly impossible to buy cars at reasonable costs once they landed in your country. This price hike was really targeted towards specialized Classic Cars and Rare Vehicles. However with the coronavirus now upon us, many people are sitting on their hands and not buying these cars. This also means that Japanese dealers here have sensed this and will start selling the cars for less

German Cars From Japan

Importing German Cars from Japan

When I first started exporting cars some 20 plus years ago I was one of those exporters who solely focused on Japanese cars. Yeah, I saw many German cars driving around the place here in Japan as I went about my daily business. What was really odd to me that they were nearly all Left Hand Drive except the more entry-level cars. This in itself seemed odd for a Right-Hand drive country Japan.

Mans Obsession With The Car

Mans obsession with cars and vehicles

Yes, I am guilty! I am somewhat obsessed. From the earliest time of my childhood, I recall being surrounded by cars that my father would tinker with and later my older brothers. It was great as we didn’t have the internet and it was either TV, read a book, play in your room or help your dad.
Obviously I opted for the dad line. It was always fun but occasionally 11-year-olds are not strong enough to hold up a gearbox while dad goes looking for the missing bolt. It would often end up in some anger or frustration and inevitably being instructed to go inside and help your mother.

Where Are The Cheapest Cars

Where Are The Cheapest Cars

From new Zealand to Pakistan and Germany, we all want the cheapest cars, don’t we! So just where are these cheap cars and how do we find them. It’s a million-dollar question that every car dealer has an answer for as it will be in his car yard.

However, whats cheap to the dealer or your neighbor may not be what you classify as cheap or inexpensive motoring. Some people will pay more for a car as it’s got a nice wet of wheels on it that the wife loves. It may not be a bargain to the neighbor but it is to you as it gets the wife of your back and everyone is happy.

Cars are a paramount part of our everyday Life

The new Porsche Panamera zero to 60 times

At this time’s well-known car producers around the globe are Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Renault, Fiat, Daimler, Chrysler, and BMW. Complete of 78,642,023 vehicles were manufactured collectively by all for 2010 as per the information. These 4wheels not solely drives our lives but in addition the economies or the entire world in different phrases. Just look around you at what drives past as you sit in a cafe or out from your office window.

The Swiss Army Knife of the Car World

Car talk and chat website

Now, this does not mean that we are looking at cars that can cut, sew, saw, screw and file things as you drive down the road. We are really making reference to a car that is quite honestly the best all-round car that suits nearly every occasion in our mind.

Yes, your thinking it must be an Enzo Ferrari or MG Metro for sure. Yes, these cars are great especially with the MG metro looking far better than the Enzo on any given day.

We were swaying towards the Proton Saga but the last owner of one could not be found talking coherently. The options in front of us were mind-boggling to come up with the Swiss Army Knife of cars.

The car has to be reasonably economical, large enough for a family of 4 larger people, a little green, 4×4 and pass as a convertible when required. Money was never an issue due to the fact that this is the Swiss Army Knife of the motoring world.

Why Buy Cars From Japan

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There is possibly no better time than right now to think and start buying Used Cars Japan.

We are seeing more cars on the market than ever before and quality has improved tenfold from years gone by. So why not consider your next car to come from Japan.

One of the most confusing aspects of this scenario is who to contact or to reach out to for this task. With a myriad of options out there just who to choose is possibly more daunting than buying the car itself.