Now, this does not mean that we are looking at cars that can cut, sew, saw, screw and file things as you drive down the road. We are really making reference to a car that is quite honestly the best all-round car that suits nearly every occasion in our mind.

Yes, your thinking it must be an Enzo Ferrari or MG Metro for sure. Yes, these cars are great especially with the MG metro looking far better than the Enzo on any given day.

We were swaying towards the Proton Saga but the last owner of one could not be found talking coherently. The options in front of us were mind-boggling to come up with the Swiss Army Knife of cars.

The car has to be reasonably economical, large enough for a family of 4 larger people, a little green, 4×4 and pass as a convertible when required. Money was never an issue due to the fact that this is the Swiss Army Knife of the motoring world.