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Hey Lachlan,

Just letting you know that the car has arrived and been through all its clearances. As you commented it is a very nice wagon and I am stoked with the purchase. Thank you so much for you excellent communication over the last few months and for making my first car import so smooth.

If you need to use me as a reference then by all means feel free to flick my details on or post some of these words on your site.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the rest of that Ashes series.



I recently orderred a car from another company but they were never there

when I needed to talk to them about something.

I  was hoping that importing a used car from Japan would be easy. I then found

Auto Trader Imports on the internet. From A ~ Z it was easy.

Thanks for everything!



I have been with you guys for over two years now and I am still happy with the service.

Previously I was with a Japanese company and I must say that they were quite good but lacked that personal touch and they did not speak English so well.

Its nice to talk without wondering if I have got my message across or not!

This saves allot of stress.



“I received my new car in good time thanks. There were a couple of things wrong that I didnt remember, all the same they were easy fixes.

The car runs well and I still saved a bundle of money by going to you guys directly”



Purchased 03 March 2009– John  wishes to remain anonymous   😀
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