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Classic Cars

Now here is something for the Classic Car enthusiast in us all. Call us what you want but classic car lovers have a mutual passion for Restoring much love old cars and bringing them back to their former glory. It’s not just a job for the Auto Pro Shop or your local car dealer who has these cars.

A classic car has become is a piece of art like a timepiece or item that can be handed from generation to generation. You can read more here about how we can partner up and help you find or search for that special Classic Car.


Are there many Classic Cars on offer in Japan
Are there many Classic Cars on offer in Japan

Classic Car Dealers

Here in Japan, we have many Classic Car Dealers. Now, most of the dealer shops are smaller boutique styled dealerships where the owner will pride himself in owning a handful of unique Classic Vehicle and in some cases Vintage Cars also.

The Car Dealer will know his product as well as any other automotive car collector or restorer of fine vintage or classic cars. Japanese do their homework and normally educate themselves very well before they venture into anything. Being a dealer of classic cars here in Japan is no different and they may possibly know more than you.

Contacting one of these dealers may not be the easiest thing to do, as 95% of them will only speak Japanese so reach out to us here via our contact page.


Japanese Classic Car Dealers
Japanese Classic Car Dealers

Restored Cars and Project Vehicles

Are you looking for restored cars and project vehicles? Japan is a great place to start! There is an overflowing abundance of forgotten old cars sitting around here. From rice fields to garages in Shinagawa, Japan is a treasure trove of Classic Cars waiting to be found.

Many cars here were bought during what’s known as the Japans Bubble time. This was back in the 1980s when Japan was printing money faster than they could print it.

The Japanese car consumer started buying every Car Brand they could get their greedy hands on from European and American Automobile manufacturers which were nearly all Left-Hand Drive which today is a blessing. They bought some fantastic cars and also ordered car models that are unique to Japan and in high demand today. Check our Auction Here.

A generation has gone by and the parent has aged with cars forgotten or neglected by children with zero interest in restoring these lovely old classic cars to their former glory. Japan is overflowing with such cars that were imported during this time. We see these cars at auction here all the time.

They will rarely be in need of total restoration but they will require some loving TLC (tender loving care)


Restored Cars and Project Cars on Offer
Restored Cars and Project Cars on Offer

Classic Japanese Vehicles

What garage would be complete without a great Japanese Classic Car? The petrol heads would love you to think that the best and most desirable Classic cars came from the USA and Europe (Germany, Italy, France, England) and back in 1970 to 1980 they did as we didn’t know better.

Yes, the best cars were coming from these countries at the time and we were programmed to think that Japan was still very much evil Asia in our father’s and mothers’ minds. However slowly and surely as time moved forward, prejudices were forgotten we started embracing these little Japanese cars as reliable and well-built vehicles that suited our everyday requirements.

Today these little cars are the market leader in automobile manufacturing. They set the standard and lead the way for other car manufacturers to follow. Japanese car manufacturers didn’t know it at the time but they set the bar very high. These Nissan Gtrs, Mitsubishi Galant`s, Mazda Rotaries, Toyota Supras, and Honda Cars were to carve the way for a new generation of Japanese Classic JDM cars to follow.


Classic Car and JDM Imports - Search in Japan
Classic Car and JDM Imports – Search in Japan