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There are many reasons for wanting to contact us and we certainly want to hear from you. No question too large or too small for us to assist you with. Our goal is to help you import and buy any car you desire from Japan.

1 Koseki, 245562 Kujukuri- Machi Sanmu-gun Chiba Japan
Hot Q & A
Do you have Whatsapp?

Yes use our phone number here at +9054006384.

Can we talk on Skype?

Our Skype name is Autotraderimports. We are available 6am – 10pm Japan time.

Can I come to your office?

We only accept pre-arranged office visits as we are often at auction. If you simply show up you will most likely miss us.

I want to pay a bidding deposit

The easiest way to pay a deposit for bidding is through PayPal. Our account is here. We will inform you as soon as the deposit arrives.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

Yes it is but please check our T&C for more information on deposits

Do You Speak Other Languages?

We speak English first and Japanese second. The website can be translated to a number of languages

Do I have to pay tax in Japan?

If you are buying a vehicle in Japan and intend to keep it here you will need to pay tax. If its for importing you do not need to pay tax.

Do you offer domestic sales?

As the Japanese domestic market is not our core business we are selective about the domestic market. Please contact us all the same as usually its ok.

How much are your agent fees?

You can find our basic agent fee structure on this page here. If you need more info please contact us directly.

I am working with them since 2016. In this partnership, we bought about 8 cars and all shipped to Germany without any problems I had were answered immediately and it is nice to work I hope we will work together for many years Many greetings from Germany.

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Erwin L
4 years