Discover Our Social Media Pages 1st

Look for us on our Social Media Pages 1st

Discover Our Social Media Pages 1st

We have been active on social media for many years but sadly fell behind the 8 ball in recent years as we didn’t really understand it in its entirety but I am sure that has more to do with our business direction at the time more than our enthusiasm.

Check out our Social Media and discover our social media pages 1st because we are novices at this and we really need the support of our friends to help our business grow on the internet. It’s all about Networking after all.

Tomoko is now doing a great job administering Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter for us. Keep an eye out for her English as its not her native tongue. She is more than happy to be corrected if it’s valid.

We are on YouTube

This is where my social media efforts really come in to question as I am not the greatest at videos and tend to take the lazy mans role when doing videos and use photos mostly. We do try to keep the YouTube videos entertaining by inserting some cynical and amusing comments in the stream. Check us out on Youtube when you have time.

Auto Trader Imports Japan is on YouTube. See Auto Trader Imports on Facebook Visit Auto Trader Imports on Pinterest Discover Auto Trader Imports  in Instagram Auto Trader Imports can be easily found on Twitter

Thank you for supporting us.

Its a tough time in 2020 for everyone and we want to thank all current customers and friends plus our new soon to be discovered friends for staying with us during this time. We wish everyone the best health and happiness at this current time.

Stay driving and may your passion for cars continue. Chat with us sometime on our forum pages below. Or contact us here for any car from Japan importing questions.