Do Auto Trader Imports bid live at the car auctions in Japan?

We do physically attend the auctions upon request of our deposit paid customers.  For most cars we bid live at the auction or from our office.

What does LIVE mean?

What this means is that we click a button on our computer to increase our bid until we either get the car, or it goes over our customer’s budget, so that we stop bidding. Now, since we are dealing with fractions of a second ( cars sell every ten seconds ) there is a risk that when we get close to the customers budget, a single click on our side could be preceded by other bidders clicking their buttons, resulting in a jump in the price taking, taking it a little over the customers’ maximum bid. We have two choices about how we approach this,

First of all, most of our customers realize that, since they are winning cars at auction for less than their budget most of the time, the occasional car bought a little over is not a problem.

For a minority of customers, their maximum bid price is a hard and fast limit. Unfortunately, what this means in practice is that we have to stop bidding a little below their maximum bid price to avoid the risk of a single click pushing the final price over the customer’s maximum bid. The unfortunate side effect of this is that there are cars which would have been buyable within the customer’s budget that end up being won at auction by other bidders. We adjust our bidding style in consultation with each customer.

It is you the customer who decides the bid!

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