Does it cost anything to start buying from car auctions using your service?

We do not charge a fee for signing up.

Our business is selling cars, not milking customers for membership fees!

However, we obviously cannot bid on cars which we will have to pay the auction for within a few days unless we know that we are dealing with a serious customer.

Prior to live bidding you will be requested to pay a 100,000 JPY deposit to our HSBC bank account. This deposit is fully refundable if we are unsuccessful but is a requirement to show that our customer is serious about buying a car. ( you could imagine the financial nightmare if we purchased every car upon an email without a deposit )

For your information every time a Japanese exporter buys a car from auction in Japan our bank account is debited for the full amount immediately!

This is a one time deposit and will not be requested a second time once we have established a good working relationship that is developed upon mutual trust.

Basically, we will retain this deposit here for the whole period you are buying from us. If at some point in the future you decide not to buy cars from Japan anymore, you can ask us to close your account and we will refund this deposit to you, minus only the cost of the bank transfer charges, and any money you still owe us for previous purchases (if any).

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