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Extra Automotive Content here, Community, Automotive Website Design, SEO, and more.

Like all Automotive Motoring based websites we want to offer our members and casual readers more information and interaction with ourselves and other people interested in not just cars and trucks from Japan, but vehicles and all from a global perspective.

More often than not websites offering access to auctions and stock from Japan seem to concentrate on 1 single narrow-minded focus point about importing cars from Japan. That focus is simply to catch your attention with a nice looking car advertised for an unbelievably low price on their website. All in all its good and everyone wins. We also followed this formula for many years when advertising here on this auto website Autotraderimports and on Tradecarview.

Over the years we have grown and become a lot more diverse including extra advice for car exporters and dealerships as well as Automotive website design & SEO work for the same purpose. This has proved to be successful for a number of clients wishing to grow and expand their own auto business.

We have done this by interacting with our customers at a grassroots level and elimination confusion from the onset. No tricky IT lingo or upselling. We started where you are and want to help you get started at an affordable price. Do you realise most website designers may charge as much as $500! + for a single page? It’s a fact! this page in less than two hours while playing table tennis.

Note the typo on the image below. This may possibly happen when you use the services of a non-English speaking website designer from an online portal. We are not saying all will make this type of error, however the potential increases. If you want to eliminate this type of problem you need to start looking carefully for your website developer.

Automotive Website TemplatesUsing our service we integrate and use the latest software available via online services. We learnt on our own mistakes and grew as we failed. It’s not always easy but we get it wrong far less frequently.

A full website may cost as much as $3000 to $10,000! depending upon content required and the number of pages you need. This is before you even start with written content and SEO work. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and read our Automotive website development and design page.

On this design page, we will explain many pros and cons favourable to using many different development systems including our own. The purpose is to give you the client the best possible advice before you even start thinking about the design you require. Once the steps are laid out clearly the rest is a walk in the park, or like baking a cake. Let us help you get started.

We can help you with this if you want great back to basics Automotive website design assistance. Talk to us here and Learn More & Save

Auto Website design

Motoring Online Community

Still, in its infancy, we recently started an online motoring community as the title suggests above. Obviously, there are thousands of these communities out on the web already offering some great services and information for people. Our community is a little different as we aim to talk more about the export and import aspect to vehicles from Japan. In line with this, there is no reason not to break into news and topics referencing the logistics and importing/exporting from any country to another.

Auto community forum

Just what does an auto motoring community forum do? We don’t know lol. Seriously we do have some idea! and this is why we have designed one. A good community or network is there for you the member to share content, ideas, support, advice, latest news, tips and tricks and general discussion on the forums topics and base theme purpose and identity.

Looking at our community you will easily see that there is something there for everyone fand more. Like all forums and online communities, we need members and some social presence. Anything that you can help with to add some good quality content in this forum is greatly appreciated.

One very nice aspect of any new forum is the opportunity for a member to become a moderator or particular topic owner. With this also available now is a great time for someone to take the challenge and start their very own topic etc. One thing we dearly love is great automotive photos from any period of time or event.

Motoring trends are constantly evolving and we want to be part of this great trend without being the game-changer. However, some really great content is welcomed with an open door to all. There are so many great car forums out there we know and finding our way out into the forum jungle is no easy feat but we are here to try.

Join us today and start networking without constant Popups and advertising from the forum owners. We have one purpose and that is to talk Cars. LOOK HERE & SUPPORT


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