German Cars

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German Cars

Statistically thinking anyone would say that Japan is full of Japanese manufactured cars, and it is.

However, weirdly enough there are so many cars from Germany on the streets of Japan you must start to wonder just where these great cars from Bavaria were actually made, to which we all know the answer.

One look here when you drive down the expressway you will count every 2nd or 3rd car being a BMW, Mercedes or Porshe.

Just the other day I followed a great Mercedes Benz E500 limited edition with its large bulging rear fenders glaring at me and A Porche 911 996 Turbo went the other way.


Mercedes Benz E500 Limited from Japan

Mercedes Benz E500 Limited from Japan. Yes there was a good chance

Porsche 911 996 turbo in Japan

Porsche 911 996 turbo in or from Japan possibly

Ok, and we know very well that it doesn’t stop with these two great Icons. For many years the Japanese public has long fascinated and yearned for these cars off large engine capacities and luxurious coachwork complete fabulous engineering from Germany. Sometimes overly engineered.

So looking for a good example of say, a BMW 750IL or Audi RS6 or even a VW microbus (combi) or enter the 23 window bus as they are more commonly referred to is not out of the question and in fact quite easy to find here at either the auctions or dealer stock in Japan.

You can refer to these cars by model codes if you want and most people will blink at you and ask what language you are speaking or you can mention names like Porsche 911 964, Porsche 911 930, Audi RS4, BMW M3 E30 or E36, Mercedes Benz 190E EvolutionII and people will sit up and take notice.

Often today these cars are referred to as Youngtimers and the popularity of these Youngtimers is increasing on a somewhat daily basis here in Japan from different markets around the world. Japan has a plentiful supply of these German Yountimer cars for now but stocks are being diminished quickly.

Most German cars in Japan are Left Hand Drive and this is especially noticeable in the higher end Euro car such as 7 series, G Class, S Class, Porsche products, etc. This is all explained more in the Youngtimer link above.

German manufactured cars are normally a high grade in Japan as the Japanese have fine taste and only want the best. You will find some very nice low kilometer examples here very easy. Contact Us in the first instance if you have some interest.

Lastly on to the point of diesel German cars in Japan. Yes, there are quite a few but the Japanese tend to favor Petrol/Electric hybrids as that is the trend Japanese manufacturers have been focused on for a number of years.

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