Get Ninja

Get Ninja and what the heck is it?

For years now we have historically searched for our cars via our traditional website possibly some others which we don’t know.

These websites and are serving us well week after week by displaying cars going through the auctions here in Japan. The only little snag is that the USS auction group is becoming increasingly difficult for us to share via these platforms and they release the data on many cars late. Sometimes the delay can be up to 48 hours. USS Ninja solves this.

We have talked at length to USS but their stance on this will not change as they want to show the cars from their website.

There is nothing worse than being late to see some great cars. USS auction want their own system for the public and its instant! Yes, you see cars the moment they are loaded to the auction. There is no delay.

Not only that. There are many cars that have more pictures that some websites cant pick up, but Ninja can. More Car Pictures is great for everyone.

As soon as USS upload the car you see it immediately before anyone who is using a traditional website or waiting for their agent to send them cars via email.

Come on in a Get Ninja to search for your cars. For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports

Why Ninja Is Good

Firstly we are not saying that Ninja is better than these websites but its simply faster.

  1. See Cars Before The Competition
  2. Have Longer To Decide
  3. No Last Minute Dashes To Find Cars
  4. See Cars Before Your Agent Does
  5. Send Us The Cars To Bid On
  6. Full USS Access To All USS Auctions
  7. Its Easy To Use
  8. Its Ninja Fast

You Need Ninja

Any persons using our websites above who buy up to 3 cars per year are entitled to use Ninja for free. Please apply below for your Get Ninja. *Note you must buy 3 cars per year minimum for free Ninja Access*

If you are not using our service but would like to use Ninja and see cars before or at the same time as your agent please use this form below.

I started using Ninja only about 1 week ago and its been great. I found so many cars that were not showing on the traditional site. I still need the old site for all the IUAC and JU cars etc but for USS Ninja is gold mate.

We are really grateful that Graeme put me on to this as now I am 1 step ahead and can see USS super quick. 5 stars from Graeme and Ninja.

David Obry
New Zealand