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Just wondering about JDM members

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    Hey, I am new here and I suppose this website is new also. It would be epic if we could get some JDM threads going here as otherwise, everything is a little lame.
    Not saying that its not a cool website as it’s far better in layout than most blogs and forums but the content seems small.
    JDM, Grey Market cars and shit man.


    Hey there Andrew,
    Yes, we would dearly love some more JDM members but people seem reluctant to break away from the normal Facebook, etc. This is not what we want them to do but we really need theme to share posts etc.
    It will happen.


    Yeah, I am also. I think or thought that I am the only lover of Japanese cars on this forum. With the JDM market exploding I am wondering where everyone is lol. But then I remembered that this is a Classic Car forum Hahahahaaa

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