Buying through us is easy, look below at the 5 simple steps.

How do I Buy Cars

How do I Buy Cars?


Yes, another great question people often ask when attempting to buy cars for the first time from Japan. The first main step is to decide if you want to buy from dealer stock or direct from Auction. Here is some information about dealer stock and auction for comparison.

Ok if you have read that page and decided or you are already warmed up with enough ideas we will explain the simple steps to obtain your car directly from either stock or auction. It’s a simple process and won’t take long to complete.

Search for Cars


Search for Cars

The best thing to do now is to start your search for cars via the auction website here. With access to over 135,000 cars weekly you will find the car you need. If it is not here we can help you buy from dealer stock on Goo-Net or Car sensor via these links. The cars found on these links are found on other portals who portray them as stock. Auction cars are unique and constantly changing.

Find the best car or cars that suit what you are looking for. There is no limit to the number of cars you can search for but only a limit on how many we can afford to buy at one time 🙂 Have a look at both the auction and dealer stock and see which style suits you best. Mostly our enquiries come via the auction system.


Negotiate a sale


Use Our Service

You send us to work for you by either negotiating a special deal for you via buying from local dealer stock or use our expertise to buy for you directly from the auction on your behalf. Our goal is to get any car you want for less than your maximum price.  We have years of experience buying cars either way and are professional at both. You will get a great deal either way. So you have bought yourself a new car and we move on to phase 3 or step 3.


Invoice and shipment


Payment and Shipment

So now we have secured the car that you wanted a Proforma Invoice or Bill Of Sale will be produced and sent via email to you. Yes now that we have bought your car we must pay the dealer or auction for your new car and you need to pay us for this service. Once the funds arrive at our designated bank account noted on the invoice the car will be prepared for shipment and subsequent shipment to your country. During this time we will arrange additional photos for you as a courtesy.


Document delivery






Delivery of Documents and Arrival Notice

Prior to your car’s arrival at your port, we will send you the BOL for the shipment of the car. This will be sent to you with 10 to 14 days of ETD *estimated time of departure* About 3 to 4 days before ETA *estimated time of arrival* you will receive an arrival notice that the ship is due in your port soon. This will be by email or by phone call. Its time for you to prepare your local customs agent or broker if you are using these services or prepare yourself.


Happy family with a new car from Japan






Collect Your New Car

Yes, the final step! Clear your car at customs. Make sure all is well and head of to the gas stand. Yes, all cars from Japan must have an empty tank for shipment, so your new dream car will be hungry. Fill it up and head home to show off to the family and friends. Don’t forget to recommend us on the way or send us a little testimonial here. Its all appreciated.


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