How do you guys make money?

This is the magic question!

Yes unfortunately we have to make some money even though many people think we get paid by the auction.  We wish it was that easy.

If you are buying from stock our fee is built into the price of that car and is usually about 5 ~ 7 % of the purchase price. So as you can quickly work out a 300,000 JPY car does not give us much in the way of income. You may ask why dont we add on a higher percentage? The fact is to remain competitive within this market we prefer volume. This enables us to get more exported monthly and we can help people with smaller budgets into better cars.

When we buy a car from auction for you our fee is built into the all up car cost ex Japan and this is called FOB. When we quote you we will always quote FOB which covers everything required when purchasing a car here. Below is a small breakdown of what we pay every time we buy a car.

1. Car Cost

2. Auction Fees ( yes we have to pay the auction for every car )

3. 5% tax

4. Recycle Fee

5. Customs Clearance

6. Transportation Within Tokyo ( additional transportation will be charged for vehicles purchased outside of Toyko )

7. Plus  5 ~ 7 % Buying Service fee based upon the purchase price

This total equates to 80,000 ~ 90,000 JPY per car purchased. There is no escaping these charges so be very careful if you are told there is no fee as it is false. Everything described from 1 ~ 6 is inescapable for any exporter in Japan as they are fixed charges when buying from auction.

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