Importing Cars To The United Kingdom

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Using our support and knowledge makes importing your new motor from Japan easy
We aim to take the pressure out of importing for you. We offer advice and support in all aspects of your vehicles import process to The UK. If you still have questions we are always available on Whatsapp 0081-90-5400-6384


Importing Cars To The United Kingdom From Japan

Documents Required From Auto Trader Imports

The following documents will be sent at the same time by DHL DONT NOT MISPLACE THESE  DOCUMENTS

A. You will receive an invoice from us. This invoice may be requested by customs.

B. 2 copies of the BOL (bill of lading)

C. 1 copy of the vehicle export certificate

Age restriction

No age restriction.

Compliance Inspection In Japan

No inspection required.

Shipping Destination ports

Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton, Bristol

Other restrictions

Import taxes rates


All payments are to be made by TT transfers. PayPal is not accepted for car payments

Please check locally to ensure that this information provided above is current.


Importing cars to the United Kingdom
Importing cars to the United Kingdom


Reliable Exporting Service – We haven’t imported any cars from Japan for a few years now as times are harder here for imports. However, when I do bring in some motors I always call Graeme at ATI. We are just a small local garage and Graeme has always helped me sort things out.

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