Importing cars from Japan to your country

Importing a car from Japan is easy using our online serviceimporting information below

Importing Cars Has Never Been Easier

Importing Cars from Japan


Importing Cars From Japan

Looking or thinking about Importing Cars from Japan?

With so much information available today about the Japanese Automotive market via Blogs, Forums and Social Networks its hard to go wrong.

Firstly why should you think about Importing a car from Japan!

Simple answers really, Low Cost, Good Value, Low Mileage, Good Volume of Product, Online Auction Access, and so much more, not to mention frequent shipping to most parts of the world.

Firstly its imperative that you find a reliable Japanese Auto Exporter and one with experience and the finances to support you. Dont be fooled by flashy websites and super low Fees. Ask these important questions first.! What is the total FOB ex Japan? How long have you been exporting? Can I buy expensive cars without paying tax? Can you give me a reference for your service? 

These simple questions will to some extent qualify your export agent and give you some piece of mind that you have the right person or company for the task at hand.

Here at Autotraderimports we have hundreds of previous clients who would gladly vouch for our service. Adding to this we do have the finances to support you no matter what the cost of your Auction car is. We have been in this business for over 25 years now and have the skills required to support you in every aspect of your Importing needs.

Contact us now by live chat or call us direct at 0081-90-5400-6384 and we will be more than willing to help. Please note we are available Japan time Monday to Sunday 8am – 7pm.




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