Australia Car Importation regulations

Australia Car Importation regulations

Major maritime ports of the Australian continent i.e. Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney

Age restriction

Used Japanese vehicles must be on the Dotars list of compliance cars. Cars not on the list must have a special permit.

Road worthiness Inspection

Inspections are not required for cars older than 1990 into Australia
Each vehicle imported must have an Import Approval Permit completed and approved by the Dotars government Agency.

Australian Expats living in Japan

Any Australian citizens living abroad or specifically in Japan can export a car back home to Australia as long as they have owned the car for

over 1 full year and have evidence of ownership etc.


Import taxes rates

Vehicle TypeDutyGST
Vehicles over 30 years old, and Motorcycles0%10%
New and used Vehicles up to 30 years old10%10%
Four Wheel Drive Off Road / Commercial Vehicles5%10%
A depreciation allowance for vehicles purchased
prior to March 2nd 1998
up to 76%

Clearing agent information

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Australian Car Importation Regulations

Australian Car Importation Regulations

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