Germany Car Importation Regulations

Germany Car Importation Regulations

Basic Information and Rules for Importing a Car from Japan into Germany- Welcome to Germany!

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Since you are on this page you must be seriously considering importing a car from Japan into Germany! Well we here at Autotraderimports are here to help.

We have exported well over 3,500 cars to Germany in the last 7 years from Mercedes Benz, Porsche,BMW,VW, American Youngtimers,Lancia,Ferrari,Maserati,Volvo,Jaguar,Daimler and numerous other makes and models that I simply cant remember when writing this page.

Before we step into the basic rules and regulations for importing your next German Classic Car or Japanese Drift Car etc into Germany why should you choose us at Autotraderimports to help you with this?ati

There are numerous reasons that come to mind immediately but the most important factor is simple. Graeme  who owns the company and buys all the cars for Europe is a Car Dealer firstly. He has been involved one way or another in the motor industry since 1988 when he started selling motorcycles in Auckland New Zealand. Since that point he has worked in sales with Mazda,Ford,Nissan,Import Car yards and with Numerous European Dealers through wholesale and retail of Japanese,German and American cars into New Zealand. In 1999 Graeme went to Japan for the first time to bring back cars to New Zealand for retail in the car dealership he worked with as Group General Manager. Regularly on buying trips it was not uncommon for him to buy up to 80 cars in a single week. This is by no means uncommon for New Zealand car buyers going to Japan but it was time consuming  as back then there were no online car auctions and they had to go to each and every Japanese Car Auction by car or by train. These guys flew to Japan every month doing this until the auctions went online hence cutting the need for these monthly trips. Graeme moved to Japan in 2004 and has been exporting cars regularly since 2006 to present day. There are few exporters in Japan who can boast 25 years experience in this industry. If you are looking to import a Youngtimer or Japanese Used Car into Germany we know what you are looking for and what you require! We know from experience and knowledge.


.You need to be aware of your tax implications there in Germany. We believe in total you are required to pay is 29% on the invoiced amount at the time of writing this. If this is incorrect we welcome your feedback.

.You will be required to used a customs agent unless you have the knowledge to import the car yourself.

.It is somewhat more difficult importing a non German manufactured car into Germany so please take note. Again if this information is incorrect please advise us.

.Each car will need to pass your government testing at an authorized center near your location.

.Autotraderimports will take care of all shipping arrangements up until the port of destination.

We welcome your feedback and we realize that the above is a very brief introduction into the German regulatory aspects of importing a Japanese Import Car. If you can assist us with updating this we welcome your assistance and generosity.





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