Pre Auction Inspection

Pre Auction Inspection for Japanese Used Cars

Is the car you want to buy serviceable? Is it worthy of its Auction Grade?
We take a second look to solve this question!

We know that it is not conceivable that you would think to buy a car without having it first inspected!
This is where our people get involved and go to work for you with our Pre Auction Inspections!

We understand your concerns and many of our staff have obviously had to buy their own vehicles in the past for private use. I guarantee that they had their dad or some inspection service come in and give the car the big OK!

Auction Evaluation sheets are normally very accurate and can most of the time be relied upon. However they are done manually and human error may occasionally get involved. We have seen the most minor to the largest faults being missed by auction inspectors.

We at Auto Trader Imports adhere to the old school rules of testing everything before you buy. Our inspectors have a combined experience of over 55 Years in the car industry. We also have associates in other parts of Japan covering some of the most obscure auctions. Let us play the part and inspect your car! Not only will we inspect it on the spot, if time allows we will even call you from the car itself giving you a blow by blow description in word perfect English for your pre auction inspection.

In order to make all off this come together our team of professional Used Car Inspectors based around Japan (please ask) will be on hand prior to auction and physically inspect your car. Any problems big or small will be relayed to you at this point. We will then make a combined decision to continue bidding on the unit at this point.

Only cars with firm bids and deposits can be inspected so make sure that you have your auction numbers and times ready. Travelling outside the greater Tokyo area is only done subject to prior arrangement and there will be a fee involved.

The stock on our website has been purchased via the Internet and has not been personally inspected. We rely on the accuracy of the auction sheets for these cars.

If time zones are an issue we will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss other inspection options.





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